When You Should Replace Your Curtains

When You Should Replace Curtains?

  • If Temperature changes. 
  • If the curtains are in tatters or are hanging off the rod unable to stand on their own
  • If you notice an increase in temperature indoors.
  • No Longer Stylish
  • If the patterns on your curtains are outdated.
  • If you have revamped your interior decor
  • While shifting homes.

Explained when you should replace curtains:

Curtains in Dubai play a significant role in bringing a room together. The right sized curtains with beautiful designs can tie your interior design and make everything pop.

If you are living in Dubai, curtains are essential to protect you from the abundance of heat and sunlight this city has to offer.

Temperatures can rise beyond fifty degrees Celsius, and you do not want to attempt sitting in the living room when it is scorching hot. You might be tempted to use even more air conditioning and pay exorbitant costs every month when the right curtains can keep your rooms fresher during summer.

A lot of people have Dubai curtains for many years, but they should be replaced when they are no longer purposeful as window treatments.

Temperature Changes

Although the primary season in Dubai is hot summer, it does get a little chilly during winter, and you might prefer thicker curtains with fabrics such as lined polyester or velvet to keep the cold air out.

These fabrics will also prevent excess light and sounds from the streets so that you can have more peaceful naps during the day.

These curtains will also prevent too much heat from entering your home during summer so that you can rely on the air conditioner a little less to save money on bills each month.

Not Fit for Purpose

The best curtains in Dubai should make your rooms look aesthetically pleasing while giving you lots of privacy and UV protection. If the curtains are in tatters or are hanging off the rod unable to stand on their own, then you might need to get some new ones.

There is no point having curtains that are torn or have holes in them because all the sunlight will pass right through into your home, and you will notice an increase in temperature indoors, which makes every room feel as hot as it is outside.

No Longer Stylish

If the patterns on your curtains are outdated or you have revamped your interior decor, and the old curtains do not match the walls or furniture anymore, it is time to get some new ones. Installing new curtains is straightforward, and they can modernize your rooms.

Moving Homes

You might have shifted out of an apartment in Dubai Marina to a more spacious villa in Jumeirah that is closer to your children’s school. Apartments usually have smaller windows, while villas have large floor-to-ceiling or bay windows.

Your old curtains might not fit this length anymore, and you will have to buy new ones or risk leaving your windows exposed. If you already had long curtains before, you can always shorten them to fit smaller windows, but it is not possible to do this the other way around to cover large windows.

The only choice you have left in that case is to buy a new set from your Dubai curtain supplier.

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