What you need to know about Venetian blinds in Dubai - Dubai Curtains

Choosing a blind for windows is a chore. You need to know your preference when choosing a blind for your home or office. Are you looking for privacy, prohibiting sunlight, diffusing light, good looks, usability, or a combination of two or more? Well, Venetian blinds give you everything and you can choose it from Curtains Dubai. They make your space look great. Venetian blinds are given sun protection as well as light diffusion and they are easy to use, so you can choose a Venetian blind for your space. However, it is in your interest to know some essential things about Venetian blinds. Here are those points.

Types of Venetian blinds

At Dubai Curtains, we provide the most popular types of Venetian blinds are wood Venetian blinds, aluminum blinds, and PVC Venetian blinds. Wood Venetian blinds are preferred in homes. But they are expensive in every way, but they give your room windows an attractive look and feel. Aluminum blinds are lightweight, durable, and fire-resistant. Aluminum Venetian blinds are also very popular because they add elegance to your space. PVC blinds are used for bathrooms because of the blind’s ability to retain the vapor atmosphere of the bathroom.

Sizes and dimensions

It is important to have the right fit of Venetian blinds in your windows, especially if you go for the custom blind option. Dubai Curtains will help to choose the perfect size. Therefore, you need to measure the mount size / s inside and outside of your window set, and then check if the ready-made options have a matching size / s. You can decide on the size and availability.

Benefits of Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a great solution for home or office window decor. As they offer a lot of styles, looks, and feel value to the interior decor. Also, you can suspend Venetian blinds to control how much external light you need for your room. If you need more or less light to keep your room warm or cool, you can tilt the slates back and forth on the windows. You can also maintain the privacy of your choice.


Venetian blinds in Dubai are very expensive too. Dubai Curtains provides venetian Blinds with best quality and price. Also, if you go to measure the maid option it will be more expensive compared to ready-made Venetians. This is because customizing the size of the Venetian blind according to the customer's task is technically a very difficult task. So, you need to decide whether to go for the readymade option or the customized part.

Care and maintenance

Washing Venetian blinds is not very easy. If you want to wash them you have to be sure about it and follow the complete procedure exactly. Venetian blinds need to be maintained as they are subject to external dust, moisture, and other harmful elements. When the Production process occurs Dubai Curtains also give much more care for its quality. Be careful when trying to clean them as they are made of wood or aluminum, or you may injure yourself due to sharp edges.

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