Should i have the same curtains in every room?

It would be very challenging to hang curtains in Dubai securely without a functional and stylish rod. Without a curtain rod, you might have to duct tape your Dubai curtains to the walls or ceilings, and this would not look pleasant at all. However, not all rods last long, and you might notice them sliding down or falling whenever you open or close your curtains. This is frustrating because the last thing you want to deal with in the middle of a shower is grabbing a step stool to fix the curtain rod with shampoo in your hair. Imagine watching a horror movie with friends on the weekend, and suddenly your curtains drop with a loud crash. If you want to stop your rod from ruining a moment, here are some tips to help you fix the problem. 

Why Your Curtain Rods May Slide

Unless your villa in Jumeirah is haunted, your Dubai curtain rod might slide or fall for many reasons. For example, your rod might be too short and cannot stretch enough to securely lock into the walls. Alternatively, your rod might also be too long with either narrow or wide brackets. Either way, the rod is not supported well and can come crashing down at any moment catching you by surprise. 

How to Keep Your Rod in Place?

Now that you know why your curtain rod shifts, there are ways you can fix the problem at home in a jiffy. Extending the rod an inch or two past the brackets on each end can create some space between the finial and bracket. To do this, you should mount the outer ring clip on each panel with the rod bracket acting as an anchor for the ring. You can also try strengthening the rod. Rods for curtains in Dubai should be supported with a bracket to avoid sagging or drooping if you have heavy drapes. If the rod is not the wrong size for your window, fix the rod brackets closer to the ends of the rod to avoid it from sliding. This means that if your rod is approximately eighty inches long, then you should centre the brackets on your window up to seventy-nine inches apart. 

If a rod keeps separating in the middle, then it might be too short or thin and cannot withstand the weight or length of your Dubai curtains. Speak to your local supplier, and they can help you get the right size for your drapes. Then this should stop your rod from sliding or crashing down in the future. Finally, there are screws behind the rod brackets that you can also try tightening. If these screws are loose, then you might still have a sliding problem that just won’t go away.

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