How to wash curtains without taking them down?

  • Clean with Care

Many people put off cleaning their curtains for years because it is such a hassle. You always dread having to take them down, washing, ironing or pressing, and then hanging them back up.

Nobody has the time to do that regularly because this is a laborious task. However, your replacing your Dubai curtains instead of cleaning them will become very expensive in no time.

  • Clean on weekend

It is possible to clean curtains without taking them down. The process is straightforward to do at home by yourself on a Friday if you haven’t been out the night before. In case you struggle, you can always ask family and friends to help if they are willing.

  • Vacumming Curtains

These helpful tips will save you a lot of money in the long run and keep your curtains in top shape. Vacuuming Curtains will collect a lot of dust, especially if you have not dusted them in a long time.

Picture what your table would look like if you didn’t use a dust buster for many years. The dust particles trapped in most curtain fabrics can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner without taking them down. You can use a regular vacuum cleaner from Carrefour and do not need to invest in a pricey Dyson to do this.

Those small vacuums that clean the inside of cars are ideal so you can reach every part of your curtains. Otherwise, you might need a ladder while pulling the handle of the vacuum as far up as possible. If some stubborn dust particles can’t be removed, use the soft brush attachment on your machine to get rid of them.

How to wash curtains

  • Shake Your Curtains

Like beating a dusty rug, you should grab a ladder and shake curtains as hard as possible. Grab them from near the pole or rod without pulling them down. Then start shaking as vigorously as possible so that all the dust and dirt can fall to the floor.

You might need to do some vacuuming afterward to clean the surrounding areas, but this process is entertaining and can become a regular stress-reliever.

  • Steam Clean Curtains

Some stains on curtains, especially greasy ones, cannot be removed by a vacuum cleaner. You might need to use a handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment to clean them properly.

  • Use the power of steam

This can also be done without having to remove curtains off the pole. Use gentle and vertical strokes with the steam cleaner, and the head should penetrate the deep fibres to clean
them. Start with small sections of the curtains to make sure you thoroughly clean every part and not miss a spot.

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean curtains that have natural and thick fibres.

  • Brush all tiny Fibres

Many types of curtains collect a lot of dust, which is known as lint. Lint gets stuck to the fabric even if you vacuum your curtains frequently. If you notice any lint that has not been removed from vacuuming, use a brush or roller and sweep it across the curtain as though you are cleaning up pet fur.

  • Get help from friend or partner

This might be tricky to do alone, so you might need a partner or friend to help hold the curtains outwards for you.

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