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In choosing the materials we need for our house, we know the ones we need and the ones we don’t. Aside from serving as a stylish decoration to windows, did you know that curtains have more purposes and they should be considered as one of the most important fixtures in the house?

Ever since curtains have been one of the must-haves in-house decoration because as it can add accent and a certain appeal to the interior design. If you are going for a certain styling for your house, curtains will also help in achieving the desired look you are going for. For instance, if you want the modern look for your house, you can opt for more trendy curtains such as the ones with floral designs or contemporary patterns. On the other hand, classic curtains can give the vintage feel to your house design. Curtains can set the ambiance and serves as a great statement to your home.

However, curtains are more than decorations. Even if they are mostly bought for their stylish designs, and some do not find the need to buy curtains, curtains should be one of your priorities when you go shopping for things you need in the house. Read through this blog as we discuss the different functionalities that curtains serve.

Curtains are used for maintaining privacy and security.

One of the most important functions of curtains is covering the window so that people can keep their personal spaces. Beyond the bedroom, curtains are also used in the bathroom and in the kitchen. When the curtains are closed and there is zero visibility on both sides, it signifies that people need to be not disturbed.  

Curtains provide protection.

Another vital role that curtains play in your house is protecting us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Curtains are like ‘shades’ to your house and your furniture as some home furniture should not be exposed to the sun’s heat for too long. Without curtains, your house will be exposed to direct sunlight.  

Curtains control the temperature of the house.

During the summer season, you could make your house cooler by closing the curtains, to also regulate the sunlight coming in. The same principle goes when it is winter time and you wish to give more heat to your house, then drawing the curtains would allow sunlight in.

Curtains help in preventing dust from coming in.

Curtains can also prevent dust particles from getting into your rooms as all the dust are gathered in the curtains. These specks of dust can trigger allergies, so it is also important to clean your curtains regularly to wash off the accumulated specks of dust.

Curtains can get us a good night’s sleep.

It’s important for everyone to get quality sleep, the kind where you wouldn’t be interrupted or be awakened abruptly. Curtains block street lights or headlights that filter through your windows in the middle of the night, getting you fully-rested.

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