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A blackout curtain serves as a vital requirement in a tropical location to defend the sunrays from invading our cosy interiors.

A blackout curtain serves as an imperative feature of perfectly blocking the light from entering a room. However, our curtains are one of the crucial statements in our interiors. Hence, serving its function should never compromise its appeal. Luckily our Curtains Dubai collection provides numerous options of fabrics, colours and patterns of blackouts.

Curtains vs Drapes

Although we often use the words curtains and drapery interchangeably, they are different. Curtains are a single layer fabric that let the filtered light into the room. The fabric of blackout curtains serves the room darkening effect with its thickness. However, they are still lighter and weightless compared to drapes with multiple layers.

In drapes, the visible layer contains blackout features if it is attached to a blackout fabric layer. Darker shade blackout fabric is more common. However, unique lighter shade fabric is a trendsetter in the Curtains Dubai market. They impart a unique and elegant look to the interiors.

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Exemplary Blackout Curtains for Homes

Blackout curtains, shades and blinds are all efficient in reducing energy costs, by blocking the sunlight and UV rays from entering the rooms. It prevents the furniture and other interior statements from fading with sun damages and thereby increasing their durability. The recent decades showed an evolution in the window treatment, especially in the fabric used. From synthetic plastic feeling polyester to softer and elegant fabric, the journey was cosmic.

Install blackout curtains, shades and blinds in rooms prone to excessive sunlight and make sure to keep them closed during the hottest weather. If you are someone fond of darkness, even during the brightest daytime, there is no better option than a blackout curtain. Media rooms and home theatres require zero light penetration; blackout curtains do the job effortlessly.

Although blackout curtains are expensive compared to non-blackout fabrics, they become economical considering the energy cost. Blackout curtains are timeless in energy savings and in preserving your interior furniture and other accessories from deteriorating.

Are White Blackouts Possible?

The basic idea behind a curtain or blind is room darkening, privacy and light blocking. It might be the reason why people opt for darker shades and heavy fabric for window treatments. But this idea is not necessarily on the mark. Dark curtains don't work for every room decor. A window treatment should always compliment the interior furnishing and painting.

Are you fond of white blackouts? Not just white blackouts, Curtains Dubai offers plenty of stylish colours and headrails. The prominent advantage of a blackout curtain is that you can drape them with grommet tops, rod pockets, eyelets or you can drape them as a pinch pleat curtain for extra darkness. Also, blackout blinds are highly efficient.

Converting Existing Curtains Into Blackout Curtains

If you are fond of DIYs and economical renovations, you can create your blackout curtains for room darkenings by attaching blackout liners, either by hanging them on the existing rod or a secondary rod. Affixing a white liner yield a unique look to the windows.

Blackout blinds serve as one of the most widely used options for blocking light effectively, especially on smaller windows. An inside mount of blackout provides efficient light blocking.

Installation Tips

Installation of blackout Curtains Dubai is similar to that of standard curtains and drapes. To ensure perfect darkness with blackouts, measure a few inches beyond the window frame on all sides when taking the curtain measurement. Wraparound rods are another means of ensuring the perfect blocking of light with blackouts.

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