Top 4 Significant Factors To Think About When Purchasing Curtains

Each and every designer from Curtains Dubai will attest to the value of expert window treatment services and the fact that the right curtains can truly transform a space into something elegant. Colour, material(fabric), length, lining, bespoke versus readymade are all important considerations when it comes to window treatments. Being faced with so many options can be confusing, so we at Curtains Dubai have narrowed down the key factors that must be taken into account when choosing the ideal curtains for your home.

Top 4 Significant Factors To Think About When Purchasing Curtains

The Right Colour Is Essential

The right colour will determine how well your curtains will complement your living space, so colour is an important consideration when selecting curtains from Curtains Dubai.

Consider the overall colour scheme of the room when limiting your colour choices. Your curtains will blend more easily with your home's decor if they are a neutral colour. Compared to darker or brighter colours, fading is less of a problem with light, neutral hues.

Consider complementary colours offered by Curtains Dubai that go well with the colours already present in the space, like the wall colour, if you want something more colourful.

Measurements And Lining

Determine the height above the window at which you want the curtains to start before you pull out the measuring tape. Hanging panels higher than the window is a pro tip from Curtains Dubai that will give the room a sense of height. Most people prefer to place curtains six inches or so above the window frame, but some tend to hang them higher for a more stunning appearance.

Other Pro Tips from Curtains Dubai :

  • Measure the distance from the top of the window, taking into account the extra few inches from which the curtains will hang, all the way to the ground. You should lengthen your curtain by two or three inches if you prefer a more classical appearance with the curtain slightly pooled on the floor. Designers from Curtains Dubai advise having the panel fall flush with the floor for a contemporary, clean finish.
  • To ensure that your curtains are full, remember to multiply the measurement after adding four to eight inches on either side. When the curtains are drawn, you won't significantly obstruct the window's glass.
  • According to the designers at Curtains Dubai, if your main goal is to use the curtains to block out the sunlight, those extra inches around the edge of your window frame will also aid in blocking out any sunlight penetration.

Ready Made And Bespoke Window Treatments

The ready-made and custom window treatment services offered by Curtains Dubai are widely known. It is crucial to comprehend the significant benefits of each of them. Numerous advantages come with custom window treatments from Curtains Dubai. To create a tailored appearance like a custom tailored suit, you can adjust the dimensions to fit your window size. From material choices to header styles, custom panels offer countless design possibilities. However, the price difference between these options and ready made curtain panels varies so much.

If you simply don't want to spend money for tailored window treatment services, Curtains Dubai also has a wide selection of high-quality ready-made window treatments that are much more reasonably priced than the bespoke window treatment services.

Choosing Between Machine-Washable Curtains & Dry-Clean-Only Variants.

Whether you choose curtains that can be washed or only dry-cleaned, makes a huge difference that will save you tons of time and money later on. Remember that washing expensive curtains yourself may result in irreparable damage to them, according to designers at Curtains Dubai.


Curtains Dubai will gladly schedule a free consultation to assist you in selecting the colours, textures, and finishes that perfectly match your living space. If you prefer to buy things online, designers at Curtains Dubai will assist you in choosing the ideal curtains for your room. The products and services you select for window treatments will also be delivered right to your door and installed as needed.

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