Top 3 curtain styles for your home in 2022

Curtains Dubai is without a doubt the best site to buy curtains if you're thinking what kind to obtain to upgrade the window treatment designs of your home in 2022. There are numerous things to take into account while choosing the appropriate curtain styles for your home or working space like, What kind of curtains work best? How lengthy do they need to be? Which window coverings work well in which rooms?, etc.

Hence, in this article, let's discuss the top 3 styles/variants from Curtains Dubai for your home in 2022, so that you can hang your curtains with conviction and transform your home into an absolutely amazing living space !

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Eyelet curtains

For the past few years, eyelet curtains from Curtains Dubai have consistently been popular among the masses, and their popularity will significantly increase in the coming years too. Eyelet curtains go by a variety of names and you may be familiar with the terms eyelet ring-top curtains or eyelet top curtains. The patterns and aesthetics are the same, despite the fact that terminology is frequently different. Deep creases can be seen running from top to bottom on the eyelet curtains from Curtains Dubai. And , all rooms with eyelet curtains will absolutely receive a new lease on life due to their outstanding elegance and aesthetics.

Given that Curtains Dubai offers a wide variety of styles at reasonable prices, people on a tight budget can more easily customize them to suit their specific requirements and modern trends. Bedrooms, dining rooms and guest rooms can all benefit from the eyelet curtains' perfectly spaced pleats and appealing pattern. They can also be used in corporate settings including workplaces, cafeteria and other office spaces.

Pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleat curtains have been incorporated into various living spaces for centuries and have been adopted throughout the world. They are a particular kind of curtain with two panels and the pleats are stitched in the midsection of the panels that serve as their connecting point. It is one of the highly sought after variants from Curtains Dubai! The number of fingers in a pinch pleat curtain might be two, three, four, or five. The curtains appear fuller with more folds and customers most frequently request the three-finger pleated style of pinched pleated curtains from Curtains Dubai out of all the numerous types of pleats available. Master bedrooms, living rooms, or gathering spaces are particularly the most compatible spaces where you can install them.

Pencil pleat curtains

Although pencil pleat curtains from Curtains Dubai look fantastic in more classic settings, there's no reason they can't also go well with modern home interiors. Surprisingly ,the curtain's header, which resembles a row of closely-packed pencils, is where the term originates.

Many people think that pencil pleat curtains are out-of-date; however, this is not always the case. In a modern condo or brand-new home, pencil pleat drapes can appear just as fashionable as eyelet curtains. Nevertheless, a vintage home will almost likely look nice with pencil pleat drapes because of its timeless charm.

It is essential to bear in mind that the pencil pleats from Curtains Dubai look really chic in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas with modern décor!


These are just the three of the most essential types of curtains required for anyone who just wants to make their window treatments look amazing. If you can match them with the appropriate kind of curtain rod, you're good to go. There are literally dozens of varieties and variations of curtains in our assortment at Curtains Dubai if you're keen to explore even more options.

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