Dubai can be rather slow at times, people say one thing but do another. Two days becomes two weeks, and things never get done in the timeframe you need them. Sam was himself a client, frustrated by the way some companies were run in the region.

He knew he could do a much better job, and with 15 years business experience behind him which he built up in the UK, he set about trying to create a company which was created for the expat community and designed to truly meet their needs.

No two windows are the same, and customising both the windows and the experience is the only way to get a satisfying result to your home improvements. There are some very cheap companies in Dubai, which are suitable for workers’ accommodation or similar levels and there are some very expensive companies who cater for the high end local market, find the company that draws the fine line in between is the difficult part in the UAE. Sam knows, as an expat, that people expect excellent quality at a fair price and above all exceptional

customer service.