Here at Easy Blind’s we’ve always believed that the success of any company is based on how respected the company is in the community. Social and corporate responsibility has always been at the heart of everything we do.

Although the owner of Easy Blinds is English and many of the business practices Easy Blinds has adopted are more European than UAE in composite, we still ensure every decision we make is considerate towards the local market and population.

In our knowledge we are the first blinds and curtain company to offer a recycling facility. We will buy second hand blinds and curtains from old customers who no longer have a need for them due to relocation or upgrading.

If the material is used to be resold as second hand, we can still use the rails and cords and offer these at a huge discount. This allows some customers who wouldn’t have been able to afford these items brand new , to now own expensive custom made curtains and blinds for a fraction of the cost. At the same time reusing these items saves waste and pollution from production.