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Summer is here, even if those words are not always music to every Dubai resident’s ears. The United Arab Emirates is poised to welcome another scorching season as temperatures have already risen between thirty and forty degrees Celsius. Even though there is a bit of an evening breeze that feels soothing enough to leave your windows open, it always seems like it is not doing enough. This causes everyone in Dubai to crank their air conditioner to the coldest possible temperature, resulting in excessive energy bills. Here are some tips to help you cool-off this summer. 

Cover Your Windows with Blinds in Dubai

Are your windows exposed to direct sunlight? If you live in a high-rise apartment in downtown Dubai, Bur Dubai, or even any part of Jumeirah, you cannot escape the hot middle eastern sun that forces you to invest in some Dubai blinds immediately. This is a necessary expense. Without the right blinds in Dubai, all your rooms will start to feel just as hot as outside. Imagine taking a power nap and always waking up covered in sweat because you forgot to cover your windows during the day. With many designs, patterns, and colours of Dubai blinds available on the market, you can always find a set that complements your interior décor while protecting you from the harsh sun. 

Choose Curtains in Dubai

Even though blinds in Dubai are exceptionally efficient and keep indoor temperatures low, some prefer traditional Dubai curtains instead due to how they look. After all, you cannot go wrong with a unique set of elegant and flowy drapes that look so welcoming. Curtains in Dubai can also protect you from the harsh sunlight during the day. Blackout Dubai curtains are the best if you have small children who enjoy their afternoon naps. This way, you will never be woken up earlier than usual because of the sun shining directly on your face. 

Adjust Your Cooking Time

If you use the stove or oven a lot while cooking, avoid using these during the day because all that heat takes over the entire kitchen. Instead, you should try using a sous vide method of cooking, or a crockpot. Any meals that need a lot of time in a pre-heated oven or the stove should be made at night-time when the sun is not directly hitting your windows at the same time to add more heat than necessary. Otherwise, you will struggle to stand in the blazing kitchen to prepare the perfect meal for when loved ones get home.

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