curtains in dubai

Living without curtains in Dubai can be challenging due to the abundance of sunlight that can make any room feel like a sauna if you do not have the right window treatments. New Dubai curtains might seem out of your price range, but you would be surprised at how affordable it has become to order a custom-made fitted set. Here are some simple tips that will help you dress your windows on the lowest budget the right way. 

Choose Plain Designs

Designs with patterns on them tend to cost a lot more. This is because you might have to purchase extra material that will match the patterns across the seams of your Dubai curtains. The more the pattern needs to be repeated throughout the design, the more waste there is. Pure linen or plain cotton design that is repeated throughout the set is the most budget-friendly choice. 

Mix Different Fabrics

If you are in love with a piece of fabric for your curtains in Dubai, but it is too expensive, the best thing to do is use generous amounts of inexpensive materials instead. Then you can use smaller quantities of your favourite fabric to cut costs and still have the style you want for your windows. 

Create Illusions with What You Have

Many websites and DIY bloggers online feature curtains that are made from cheaper cloth. These can be dust sheets or bedding from department stores. Influencers usually use clips to string inexpensive curtains to the poles. If you need to replace your pole or hooks, instead of buying new ones, you can get creative and make one out of metal piping, wardrobe fitments, wires, and any tubing. It is best to be generous with cheaper fabrics and combine with expensive ones to create the most eye-catching effect. 

Avoid Readymade Sets

Although readymade curtains in Dubai are good value for money, the fabric designs are usually mass-marketed and are dull. You could walk into your best friend’s home and see the same set of Dubai curtains hanging on their windows too. If you do need to buy a readymade set, you should pick classic plain or off-white cotton or linen with some simple stripes before adding clever trimmings, holdbacks, or tiebacks to uplift the overall appearance. 

Add Some Trimmings

Adding trimmings to plain and dull curtains introduces a lot of personality to your window treatments. Trimmings on your Dubai curtains will bring a lot of opulence, detail, and texture into your home. This is the best way to individualize any room and still make all rooms look extraordinary on a very tight budget. The trimmings will create definitions as they outline and draw people’s eyes to the curves and lines.

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