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Which Is the Perfect Choice Between Venetian and Wooden Blinds for Your Home?

When it comes to stylish and elegant home décor, nothing beats the perfect set of Dubai blinds because they are cost-effective and manageable. Thanks to the abundance of heat in the United Arab Emirates, you can save a lot of money on energy bills by controlling sunlight. The rate of adoption for blinds in Dubai is skyrocketing like never because many residents are switching from traditional curtains for a more…

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Tips to Make Your Rooms Feel Less Warm During the Day

Summer is here, even if those words are not always music to every Dubai resident’s ears. The United Arab Emirates is poised to welcome another scorching season as temperatures have already risen between thirty and forty degrees Celsius. Even though there is a bit of an evening breeze that feels soothing enough to leave your windows open, it always seems like it is not doing enough. This causes everyone in…

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How to Clean Nicotine-Stained Curtains in Dubai?

Besides the second-hand smoke and stale stench that seeps into indoor furniture, smoking indoors can create many nicotine stains on your Dubai curtains. These stains will prominently appear as white or brownish yellow, and it will ruin the appearance of your elegant and flowy curtains in Dubai. The colour of the stains is unsightly and would put off a lot of your guests, especially if they do not live in…

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How Long Should Curtains in Dubai Be?

Many people tend to overlook how long their curtains in Dubai need to be to achieve the perfect interior ambiance. This may not seem like it matters, but it can be annoying if you purchase the wrong size and then must fork out extra money to get it altered at a later stage. In some cases, due to the specific material of your drapes, it can be tricky to adjust…

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Should i have the same curtains in every room?

What to Do If the Rod for Your Curtains in Dubai Keeps Sliding

It would be very challenging to hang curtains in Dubai securely without a functional and stylish rod. Without a curtain rod, you might have to duct tape your Dubai curtains to the walls or ceilings, and this would not look pleasant at all. However, not all rods last long, and you might notice them sliding down or falling whenever you open or close your curtains. This is frustrating because the…

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Should i have the same curtains in every room?

How to Choose the Perfect Curtains in Dubai?

With so many attractive and affordable curtains in Dubai to choose from, it is understandable that you might be struggling to find the right set of drapes for your home. After all, window treatments are not an impulse buy. Most customers give a lot of thought into the type of fabrics, styles, and patterns they want to decorate their homes with. Choosing the perfect set of Dubai curtains is more…

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Exciting Trends for Living Room Curtains in Dubai

In most homes, the living room is the focal point because that is where you spend time with family members and welcome guests. That is why your curtains in Dubai should spruce up the living room in the most sophisticated and charming way. Upgrading your Dubai curtains is also cost-effective because it is more expensive to redecorate by buying new wall paints, rugs, and carpets. No matter how limited your…

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How to Get Wave Curtains in Dubai?

Wave curtains in Dubai are one of the most contemporary and stylish ways of dressing your windows. This is perfect for residents who prefer a look that is simple, yet elegantly modern. The reason wave Dubai curtains are so popular is because they have no bunching, gathering, or pleats across the top part. Customers benefit from a sinuous curve that creates smooth folds directly below the pole or track. These…

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Tips to Help You Get the Cheapest Curtains in Dubai

Living without curtains in Dubai can be challenging due to the abundance of sunlight that can make any room feel like a sauna if you do not have the right window treatments. New Dubai curtains might seem out of your price range, but you would be surprised at how affordable it has become to order a custom-made fitted set. Here are some simple tips that will help you dress your…

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Why You Should Choose Made to Measure Curtains

Reasons Why You Should Choose Made to Measure Curtains in Dubai

Why You Should Choose Made to Measure Curtains in Dubai? Custom Dubai curtains can be cut to fit exact measurements. Professionals visit your place to make measurements and show matching designs. Value for money Choice to pick the custom designed fabrics for your curtains No more alteration required You can take advantage of unique headings for curtains in Dubai No limits to customizations for your curtains Its a complete guide…

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