noise reducing curtains

If your villa or apartment is facing a busy street with cars continuously driving by all the time,
you might consider buying some new Dubai curtains that effectively reduce noise. This will help
you sleep more soundly at night and avoid the bright lights from the street. Here is the essential
information that you need to know about noise reducing curtains, and why you should use

When to Use Noise Reducing Curtains
These curtains can be used in places such as concert halls, recording studios, and cinemas. You
can also use them at home if you live in a heavily congested area with a lot of street noise,
especially if you have a small baby at home who cannot sleep peacefully. These curtains look
great with any interior design, but they are also handy when it comes to soundproofing.

How Much Noise Can They Absorb?
Noise-reducing curtains can absorb a coefficient of 0.5 to 0.6. This means that the curtains can
lessen up to five times the sound energy compared to regular ones. Your home will be twenty-
percent quieter, as opposed to just two percent. The thick material absorbs a lot of echo in a
large living room or bedroom, which is what makes it so effective. The curtains make it all seem
like background noise that is easier to ignore.

How Do They Block Sound?
Blackout soundproofing curtains are very thick and heavy. They are high-density curtains with a
lot of weight, hence their ability to reduce sounds. Keep in mind that curtains cannot block
noise entirely, but they are a cost-effective way of lessening the loudness so that you can sleep
more soundly without getting woken up all the time by your neighbour’s drill or lawnmower.
Imagine your phone ringing in a loud echoing bathroom compared to it ringing in a locked
closet. That is the effect of using curtains for a bit more silence at home.

Is It Difficult to Hang Them?
Hanging weighty curtains, especially while propped on a ladder can be a challenging process.
You can ask your friends and family members to help carefully place the brackets, curtain rod,
and then the curtains. Otherwise, you can ask your professional curtain supplier to install them
for you.

How to Clean Soundproofing Curtains?
Most curtains can be cleaned in the same way, usually by wiping with a damp cloth or using a
vacuum cleaner. However, these curtains have much thicker fabric and dense folds. Cleaning
them could be a hassle if you have not done it before. A lot of lint and dust particles might
settle deep into the thick material that cannot be removed using only a vacuum cleaner and
brush. Hiring a professional curtain cleaner might be necessary if you are unable to do it on
your own.

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