Ideas for Curtain Styling

Curtains are the elements that spice up your room space into an elegant interior effortlessly if the right curtain style has opted!

When it comes to styling a curtain, plenty of patterns and fabrics are available in the market. But to choose the best from the incredible collection of colours, patterns, materials, and brands for a living room window treatment with the perfect styling, there should be an artist in us who is omniscient about the latest trends.

If you are looking for a facelift for your room, it can be easily achieved by installing a magnificent curtain that determines the room's mood. The curtain trend doesn't stick onto colours; in fact, changing hardware and curtain style and fabric makes a room look brand new. Moreover, adding a layered curtain adds a statement to the room effortlessly. Here are a few curtain styles that add both form and function to the living room.

curtain styles

1. A Roman Shade is all Good

This elegant, simple style with minimal upkeep is a great option for people with kids, pets, or both. These days cordless options are available for a hassle-free window treatment.

2.Go Sheer

If you’re a minimalist at heart who enjoys the bright unobstructed light, then sheer white curtains are the best choice that you could ever make. But while designing the interiors, make sure that the light and airy look of curtains balances well with low-slung furniture.

3. The Timeless Monochromatic Style

The monochrome trend is timeless both in fashion and interior design. A subtle shade of grey with complementary white curtains and wooden furniture or a tonal couch brings magic to the interiors.

4. Thick Blackout Curtains

If you are fond of darkness, the blackout will do the job in perfection. In contrast to the name, blackout curtains are available in a wide array of colours; light grey and dark blue curtains can darken a room instantly. Also, white and beige curtain styles are on-trend, and they are equally efficient.

5. Go Tonal

These days, many interior designers favour the tonal look. Bringing a twist to the room with different shades of the same colour is a trendsetter fashion. So it is advisable to stick to a two or three colour palette in your living rooms. And the curtain style certainly plays into the aesthetics. Keeping the curtains neutral will let plenty of light into the room.

6. A Subtle Stripe is Eye Catching!

The classic white on white curtains is still on-trend. But why don’t we try something exceptional? A subtly striped drapery along with minimal yet elegant statement pieces, including a subtle painting and miniature showpieces and a leather rocking chair, adds a touch of dimension and texture to the living space.

7. The Contrast Dark and Light Shade

Think of a dark painted living room with wide windows and bright, luxurious furniture. With wooden flooring and bright layer curtains on a copper coloured rod would pop a peculiar style.

8. Double Up

A Bohemian-style living room with a unique window treatment style like a Roman rattan shade and a classic white curtain on a sturdy rod is on point. Styling the curtain by installing it at a height above the windows adds more elegance.

9. Add Craziness

Styling becomes unique when we break the rules and create ideas from another perspective. For example, taking a bold decision by introducing more vibrance into the living room brings out a unique pattern. Choose a multicolour curtain along with unique and rare colourful room statements for a cheerful living space.

10. Exhibit a Personality

Infusing colours into the space with any kind of pattern on curtains is an on-trend statement. It will stand out in personality and evolve visual interest to the living space.

11. A Warm Wooden Curtain Rod

Your curtain rods are equally important in making a curtain style impressive. The curtain accessories should be selected so that they blend well with the interior and the curtain drapery styling. Wood or brass window hardware easily warms up the atmosphere and effortlessly brings out elegance.

12. Pairing a Bright Curtain with Dark Rod

Pairing a white curtain with an edgy, matte black curtain rod is a visual treat. This simple and elegant creates an eye-catching contrast that catches attention easily.

13. Punchy Patterns

Highlight an architectural feature like a bay window or a French door by painting the window sill and trim in a darker shade and installing a patterned Roman or roller shade. It would be a cosmopolitan style with elements from a different era and region.

Thus, window treatments aren't just about looks. The vital feature to be considered is that a curtains Dubai should keep a home comfortable irrespective of weather, and it should be strikingly appealing.

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