How to select your Window Blinds in Dubai?

Window blinds are often one of the last pieces considered for a room’s overall style. The different types of window treatments provide various options to suit any decor or need and make design easier when there are so many choices. One reason why they come in handy is that they help maximize living space by providing shade, privacy control, reflection and heat control-allowing you to focus on other aspects like fabrics or colours without compromising your needs for light and visuality.

Some people also find vertical Blinds from Curtains Dubai more appealing as it covers more surface area than pleated shades that only cover part of the wall - although this may force you into choosing a less traditional colour scheme with lots of contrasting hues if all else fails! So what do we mean when we say "right" fit? When selecting any type (roman, Venetian) blind consider what will work best with your windows' dimensions before making an informed purchase decision. Here are some tips for selecting, measuring and caring for window blinds from:

Here are some ideas for selecting, measuring and caring for window blinds:

1. If a dark room is required, look at roman blinds from Curtains Dubai with blackout linings. They do not have slats or holes that let in light. These can also be used in kitchens or bathrooms if needed to block out light from the sun on those days when it's too bright outside. If these need to be adjusted often they would probably work well with roller blinds from Blinds Dubai, which don't rust and will hold their shape better than curtains even over time thanks to their PVC material- meaning you can spend your money elsewhere!

2. Avoid natural materials such as linen, silk or wood, since they may rot, twist or fade due to humidity levels. So opt instead for an aluminium venetian from Curtains Abudhabi, that won't corrode and faux wood made of waterproof PVC, which looks more like real wood without the risk of rotting in humid conditions - perfect!

3. For rooms where sunlight is difficult but privacy needs all year round, consider opting for vertical & Venetian Blind styles from Dubai Blinds, because, unlike other types, this variant allows sunshine through, yet provides enough shade overall making them ideal options.

4. Determine whether you want your blinds to fit inside or outside the window recess: For outside recess, measuring the width and drop of the area over the window, you want to cover and provide these exact measurements.

5. Decide which type of blind fits best in your windows: if it's faux wood or Venetian, follow steps 3-6 for cleaning. For exploring yet another comprehensive range of exotic selections, do explore our platform and choose a unique set of draperies according to your preference.

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