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How to Keep Your Home Warm with Dubai Blinds?

Dubai Blinds Room Temperature Maintanence

The year 2021 has started off a little cold in Dubai, especially with all the heavy rain that took everybody by surprise after New Year’s Eve.

Temperatures after sunset are under fifteen degrees Celsius, and many apartments and villas are not insulated enough because they were never built for winter.

Your blinds Dubai can help keep you warm if you are a carefree beach person and not a fan of the cold at all. Then you can resist using a heater indoors because DEWA will never let you enjoy that comfort for free, and those monthly energy bills will rapidly increase your tolerance for this chilly season.

Here is how you can be more energy efficient with the right blinds that will help you stay warm in winter but also cool during summer, which is perfect for life in this city.

Honeycomb blinds in Dubai are the top choice when it comes to light control and insulation. Even though Venetian blinds are beneficial for heat control in summer, they are not as efficient when it comes to preventing the loss of heat.

Honeycomb blinds are a cost-effective option if energy efficiency is a must. They have long cells that run along the length of your window that create a barrier between the surface of your window and the room by holding trapped air.

This lessens the transfer of heat. The most common soft cloth-like materials used to make the blinds are spun lace or bonded polyester.

Staying warm also depends on the fabric you choose. Some fabric options are better at insulating than others. Although there are thermal fabrics, you do not need those for Dubai because they are more advantageous for other cities where temperatures drop much lower.

The lowest temperature you will see in Dubai is around ten degrees Celsius, and that is if you live away from the city centre and closer to the desert.

Other cities in the United Arab Emirates might get colder, but it never gets that uncomfortable in Dubai, so you can stick to affordable fabrics that are just thick enough to do the job without additional features and keep your costs down.

Another alternative is to get blackout blinds in Dubai. Nothing beats them when it comes to heat and privacy control. There is a lot of light from the streets and direct sunlight if you live in Downtown by the Burj Khalifa or across markets in Deira and Karama.

Blackout Dubai blinds help shut out every bit of light and are thick enough to prevent heat from escaping so you can feel warmer inside during the winter months of December to March.

However, they might also be expensive, especially if you need them custom-made for huge floor-to-ceiling windows.