Wave curtains in Dubai are one of the most contemporary and stylish ways of dressing your windows. This is perfect for residents who prefer a look that is simple, yet elegantly modern. The reason wave Dubai curtains are so popular is because they have no bunching, gathering, or pleats across the top part. Customers benefit from a sinuous curve that creates smooth folds directly below the pole or track. These curtains effortlessly stack back, and that is what makes them look so neat for both traditional and contemporary interior designs. Here are some tips to help you successfully hang wave curtains in Dubai to beautify your windows. 

Choosing the Right Fabric

The first step is to pick the right fabric for your Dubai curtains. The wavy drapes have soft curves that appear dull if you choose a stiff fabric with metallic threads and many embroideries. If your material has a prominent vertical stripe design, you might not be able to position it nearly over the fixed waves across the top. The best fabrics to choose for wavy curtains in Dubai are voiles, soft sheers, cottons, and different types of silk. The best way to test your fabric is by bunching it at the top so that it can hang freely. If your drapes fall in straight folds, then you have made the right choice. Otherwise, the material will stick out and look out of place like an oversized dress. Feel free to ask us about the types of fabrics that create the most attractive waves. Your manufacturer should specify a weight limit for your Dubai curtains to work correctly on their tracks. This is necessary if you are planning interlined wave curtains. Then you may need to work out the weight of your Dubai curtains per food of track, which is a tricky process. 

How Much Fabric to Use

Many systems for wave curtains in Dubai specify a fullness that is usually up to two and a half times, but it is essential to note the instructions provided by your manufacturer. Custom made drapes are carefully fitted for your windows, so there might not be much room for a lot of flexibility. 

How to Hang on Existing Track

If you prefer hanging your wave curtains in Dubai on your existing track or under a pole instead of buying an entirely new tape system, you should try using a wave heading tape by itself. This is pulled up using cords to create flawless waves. However, pulling up the tape to even out the folds yourself will take some practice and a lot of patience. When you finally get the hang of hanging these Dubai curtains, all that effort will be worth it when you have the most gorgeous and sleek waves that no one else can easily replicate. 

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