Besides the second-hand smoke and stale stench that seeps into indoor furniture, smoking indoors can create many nicotine stains on your Dubai curtains. These stains will prominently appear as white or brownish yellow, and it will ruin the appearance of your elegant and flowy curtains in Dubai. The colour of the stains is unsightly and would put off a lot of your guests, especially if they do not live in smoking environments. Learning how to remove nicotine stains from your Dubai curtains will always keep your home fresh even if you want to continue smoking inside. 

The first step is to add a cup of baking soda, half a cup of borax, and half a cup of salt to a five-gallon washbasin. Then you should pour three gallons of hot water into the basin where you already have the mixture ready. Soak the nicotine-stained parts of your curtains in this solution from eight hours to overnight, depending on the severity of these stains. In case your curtains in Dubai are too heavy, you might need a stepladder or somebody’s assistance to carry them down. When it soaks in the solution, the combination of all those ingredients will help break down all the nicotine stains. 

The final step in this process is to wash your Dubai curtains after letting them soak in the previous mixture. Hold them up to direct sunlight and see if you can still spot large stains. If they have all mostly been broken down by this stage, then you should consider taking the set to the dry cleaners or washing them at home. If you notice that many nicotine stains are still there and of the same colour as before, you may need to let your Dubai curtains soak in the mixture for a little longer. 

When cleaned correctly, your curtains in Dubai should have a considerably lightened colour of stains that may not even be visible anymore if they are all washed out. If you still see a lot of nicotine stains that appear brownish or yellow, you should make the same mixture from step one, and let the drapes soak for another night before putting them in the washing machine. Unless your Dubai curtains have a very thick material that cannot be washed at home, any ordinary household washing machines can always do a thorough clean after the stains have broken down. Remember to ask your supplier for further information on how to remove stains from your Dubai curtains. They will always be happy to help to ensure that your set remains fresh for longer.

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