Studio curtains

Many people tend to overlook how long their curtains in Dubai need to be to achieve the perfect interior ambiance. This may not seem like it matters, but it can be annoying if you purchase the wrong size and then must fork out extra money to get it altered at a later stage. In some cases, due to the specific material of your drapes, it can be tricky to adjust the length if it turns out to be the wrong fit for your windows. 

This Is How Long Curtains in Dubai Should Be

Unless you live in a cinema theatre, your curtains in Dubai do not have to be extremely long and heavy. Floor-length is usually the best way to go unless you have a deep sill or wall-mounted air-conditioner getting in the way. Most ready-made panels on the market are available in lengths ranging from over 60 to 140 inches. To get an idea, start measuring your Dubai curtains from the floor to where you want to hang them on your rod. If your Dubai curtains touch the floor and barely sweep through, you have got a perfect size. Otherwise, drapes that are too short will blow too much if you leave any windows open. 

When curtains in Dubai hit the floor or sill, it creates a more tailored and classic aesthetic appeal. This is also practical because it is easier to open and close the drapes since they naturally fall without bunching up. The fabric of your Dubai curtains should either settle on the floor or hover about half an inch off the ground. The only time that your drapes should not touch the ground is if they are placed in bathrooms or kitchens. A lot of dirt and grime from the floor can ruin your Dubai curtains. Therefore, you should only pick elegant designs for living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms. 

Another option is to get panels that extend onto the floor by up to three inches. They graze the floor more relaxingly and feel tailored, as though they are a fancy pair of new trousers fitted by a professional. Do not worry about measuring everything precisely if you have uneven floors because this style is very forgiving. You may have seen large ballrooms using this design because it looks a little extra and formal. However, you will need to clean your Dubai curtains more often and continually readjust them whenever you use a vacuum cleaner, or if your pet keeps sitting on them.

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