Home Office Window Treatment Ideas

The coronavirus pandemic has influenced the lives of people to a greater extent. It was during the lockdown people realized the influence of the working environment on their productivity. Almost all of us would never have thought of furnishing and renovating our home office spaces before that.

Study space at homes has become a primary necessity these days. People are keen on setting up a study space for virtual classes of their kids and office space for their own virtual works.

For serving these practical purposes they set up a separate space or integrate a part of their living room or bedroom or kitchen into a WFH set-up. Serving both aesthetic and functional purposes, a home office window treatment is an inevitable addition to these rooms.

A perfect window treatment would make all the difference when it comes to renovating a space that helps you concentrate, feel motivated and be productive.

Hence, if you are looking forward to furnishing your home office space that adds innovation and personality to your room by ensuring privacy, there is no better choice than adapting a curtain style from Curtains Dubai!

curtain styles

1. A Calm and Sophisticated Atmosphere with Sleek Shutter

The sleek and natty white shutters provide stylish and sophisticated window treatment ideas for a WFH space, offering privacy along with a light filtering option. Narrow slats with a push rod offer a traditional look, on the other hand, wider slats with a concealed push rod provide a more contemporary look by letting more light.

For an out of the box look, pair the shutters with statement lighting and simple silhouette furniture. They together offer a smart and subtle industrial finish.

2.Energise your Room with Venetian Blinds

If your job demands an energetic and vibrant personality, bring out colours to your blinds which reflect on your inner soul. For professions like fashion designing, where the individual loves to play with colours, they can transmit the vibrance to their Wood Venetian Blinds too.

A bright blind would beautifully offset the inky tone of paintwork and complement the clothing fabric exhibits which creates an exciting and unique space. If to enhance the charisma of the space we can add a glass chandelier and a few other decors that adds a quirkiness to the room.

3.Choose a Curtain Style to Complement the Interiors

If you opt for a calm and cohesive office space with a welcoming interior, choose a window treatment that goes hand in hand with your furniture. For a highly engaging and active room that is swamped with work, a roller blind would be the easiest option as it can be pulled up to allow the room to flood with light, but if closed are not bulky, unlike other window treatments.

If you have a smaller office area, installing a roller blind gives the window a wider look and it also utilises the outside light to the maximum. A roller blind can be easily folded up thereby ensuring full visibility and sunlight whenever required.

4.Prevent the Peepers with Vertical Blinds

If privacy with light filtering is your top priority, choose a vertical blind that meets both needs. Worried about choosing a common pale white vertical blind for your enthusiastic office space? Dubai Blinds provide you with the best alternatives, we can make vertical blinds of your colour preferences.

5.Introduce Gorgeous Roman Blinds for an Authentic Look

Roman Blinds are cosmopolitan window treatments that are subtle, yet efficient at framing a window and providing a space-friendly alternative to curtains. Roman Blinds are thick and consumes less space thereby requires less fabric compared to other curtain styles. The less fancy Roman blinds are a perfect blind solution for a library space where the reader can engage in their reading without the disturbance from the outside world.

In short, you can incorporate any curtain style into your office space and create a substantial-finish. All that is to be taken care of is that window treatment should complement the interiors, and it should blend with the nature of your work so that maximum productivity can be achieved.

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