Hanging Curtains Over Glass Sliding Doors

Hanging Curtains on Glass Doors

Many apartments in Dubai have sliding doors with balconies overlooking incredible views. If
you live in Jumeirah, those views will most likely span across the crystal blue Arabian sea.
Balconies take relaxation to another level when the weather isn’t too hot. However, they also
mean a lack of privacy if you don’t have curtains. Having Dubai curtains over sliding doors is
necessary to prevent too much sunlight entering your home when temperatures are fifty
degrees. Otherwise, your Dewa bills will skyrocket with the amount of air-conditioning you will
need to survive. Furniture with upholstery that is closest to your sliding doors will also suffer from sun damage. Hanging curtains over sliding doors is not a stress-inducing task. Here are some tips on doing it right the first time.

Tools You Will Need

To hang those curtains up on sliding doors, you will need a ladder, curtain rod, curtain rod
holders, screws, a drill, and some measuring tape. These are simple and inexpensive items that
you can buy from any hardware store if you do not already have these at home. Or you can ask
your curtains specialist to hang them if you are busy at work.

Instructions for Hanging Curtains Over Sliding Doors

The first thing you should prioritize is measuring those glass sliding doors with your tape. The
most essential measurements you need to note down are the length of the doors, which are
parallel to where you would hang the curtain rod. Then you need to add four inches to the
doors’ length. This is to ensure that your curtain rod would be the correct length.
When you are buying your favourite Dubai curtains, rod, and rod holders, make sure they are
two-panelled so that people can easily walk-through them. Otherwise, it would be challenging
to enter and exit the balcony each time. Make sure that the curtain rod has around two to
three inches of space between itself and the wall. This gives breathing room when you are
opening-and-closing the sliding doors under those curtains. Even though curved rods are not
required, they are the best for providing this space.
Using your screws and drill, attach the curtain rod holder to the wall above the sliding doors.
Detailed instructions that come with the rod should tell you where to drill those screws. Place
the rod holders two inches above and outside those doors. When you are done fastening the
rod holders, hang the rod on them, followed by the curtains. It is straightforward to hang
curtains by connecting the hooks along the curtain rod.
This might be a tricky experience for those who are trying to hang curtains for the first time. If you are concerned about damaging the new curtains and rods, contact your supplier. They will
hang your curtains for you so that you can enjoy more privacy and light control indoors.

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