Curtains have exceptional flow and feel that makes a home look very cosy. Your Abu Dhabi
curtains can do more than dress windows to prevent sunlight from entering. With all the
beautiful patterns, fabrics, and colours available to choose from, there is no limit to how
creatively you can use curtains to make the most of every room.

Additional Privacy
If you have a very spacious living room, you can hang curtains for a little bit more privacy and
get two spaces instead of one. You can transform this extra room into a convenient study, guest
room, or a home office to work more comfortably. Even if you need another private lounge
room, there is no harm in using curtains to create this sense of privacy. Curtains are more
aesthetically pleasing compared to room dividers and doors, and you also can hang gorgeous
colours and designs that will showcase your creativity.

Create Tablecloths
An old curtain can be cut into a smaller size to make attractive and purposeful tablecloths.
Depending on the size of the table and fabric you want to use, any curtain can be adjusted to fit
snugly across. This can also save you a lot of money if you do not want to buy new tablecloths
when you have discarded curtains lying around. In case you spill food or drinks on the curtain,
you can always wash them easily, like regular tablecloths. Use a soft fabric instead of dense
curtains for this purpose so that you do not struggle to clean them frequently.

Privacy for Your Pets
You can create a little private room for your pets. All you need is a dog or cat crate that is
usually an eyesore and place their bed inside. Then you can wrap a curtain around it to make it
more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It will make your crate feel more like a home, and
you can also add some adorable ruffles and bows to make your pet feel cosier.

Hide Shelves
Too many shelves can make a home look cluttered. By hanging a rod and using colourful
curtains to cover them, your home will seem neater and more organized with the pretty pieces
of fabric hanging over them. This is the perfect way to cover old shelves that might be broken,
chipped, or faded.

Make your bedrooms feel more homely and inviting by replacing closet doors with curtains.
With a printed pattern or colours that match the rest of your furniture, you can make a room
pop just by letting your imagination run free. You will also have better access to all your
belongings by using a curtain instead of opening and closing a regular closet door, which tends
to creak when it is old. If you live with a light sleeper, grabbing your work clothes in the early
morning will be a quieter experience.

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