Trending Living room Curtain designs in 2021

Do you want to change the annoying experience for living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens in your room? But are not ready for repairs or Major changes. The only solution to this problem is to start by changing the curtain designs. It not only transforms the room but also makes them more functional and comfortable.

Curtains are used not only for functionality but also for aesthetics. Curtains are a must-have for windows. With their help, you can achieve privacy and prevent the harsh sunlight from beating the interior of your home. The use of different curtain designs for the living room makes the space more attractive instead of usable.

We have prepared a list that discusses different curtain designs for your living room. If you want, you can use similar ideas for buying curtains for bedrooms.

Curtains designs for living room:

Standard curtain panel sizes in curtains Dubai

Picking up curtain panels is an incredibly intimidating job. Although it's easy to measure the size of your window and run to the store, when you arrive and find that the window panels do not come in the same size as the windows, it can be a little frustrating. Buy Curtains always makes sure to give the curtain panels the right size for you. Measurement is essential for the right size panels. Keep in mind that window sizes and curtain sizes are slightly different from each other. When purchasing a ready-made sheer curtain panel, the size selection is limited to the most common sizes. These sizes are 63, 84, 95, 108, 120 inches long and 48 inches wide. Standard curtains come in a variety of designs, from solid colour or solid type fabric to black-curtain curtains to sheer draperies. Typically, if it is a ready-made curtain panel, the sizes will be the same regardless of any design or style. When you purchase ready-made curtain panels, you get the same size. The only exception to this size rule is if you choose to customize your curtain panels. Standard panels work best to cover any standard window in your home. You will often find this in living room windows, bedroom and bathroom windows depending on size. Ready-made size panels from Dubai curtains are convenient, easy to use, and versatile. You can choose the number of panels that slide on a curtain rod.

Double curtains:

This curtain idea has been our personal favourite. One of our favourite modern curtain ideas is layering curtains over blinds or shades for privacy. There are many types of blinds and curtains to choose from here, including horizontal blinds, roller shades, cellular shades and Roman shades.

Organic natural materials are still trendy. Double curtains are easy to implement. All you need is an extra curtain rod with extra fabric, and you are ready to go. The outer layer may be of heavy fabric, and the curtains near the window are thin and beautiful.

Match the theme:

You can easily buy your favourite curtains that match the overall theme and style of your living rooms. It can be either printed wallpaper or one single colour.

Go for solid colour and pattern:

A solid coloured curtain is not enough for some people, but from personal experience, such fabrics have their beauty and are great at preventing curious looks from the outside. Not everyone likes solid colour curtains for the living room. Patterned curtains with different designs such as vines, flowers or simple geometric shapes would be a good choice for those people.

Pure white curtains:

People love pure white fabrics for the living room. Because white is a classic form in their minds. Some people give a white theme to the living room. White curtains are more suitable for them. The windows are simple, beautiful and combined with the surroundings, especially if you have used soft colours to decorate your living room.

Go stripes and check fabrics:

They are available in Traditional checks, Wide stripes, Pinstripes, Horizontal stripes and Vertical stripes. Dubai Curtains has everything you need to add the best and most innovative pattern to your home. The basic design of horizontal and vertical lines on the fabric is a very simple curtain design that you can’t resist.

Roman blinds:

Instead of folding the curtains on the sides, the Roman blinds fold upwards, saving a lot of space and creating a unique look. These blinds are different from the traditional ones so they can make the space more innovative and unique.

Plain curtains:

Sometimes, simplicity is best rooted, and the same idea can be embedded in this space. Do not try to find the most unique design; Choose a simple and beautiful plain curtain. It will be one of the best for your living room.

Sheer curtains:

These sheer curtains beautifully decorate the doors and windows of various rooms in your home. Sheer curtains are still a simple choice that allows you to achieve privacy, but will not block sunlight from the outside.

Tie-back curtains:

They look gorgeous and will give interesting results when tested in tie back rooms. Tie-back curtains can be with two curtains on either side or a piece of fabric on one side. They will never go out of fashion.

Although we consider all of these designs, we can never change our style. If you identify with a more classic, vintage or rustic style, or if you are looking for a cosy, beautiful and warm atmosphere, use the best draperies.

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