Curtain Designs for a work from home Office Room

Create a virtual office set up at your homes with eyecatching window treatments with Curtains Dubai that make your working hours bliss!

The pandemic and lockdown locked many of us at our homes for months and years that it was the time many online apps that connected people online were introduced. Apps like Zoom made their way as people urged a need for connecting online to do their jobs. People also started purchasing anything and everything they need online to avoid first-hand contact and ensure a safe and hygienic purchase. We at Curtains Dubai ensure that all our products are delivered as hygienic as possible. Also, we ensure a safe and sanitized workshop and office space to fight efficiently against the virus.

The pandemic and its lockdown have affected the lives of people to a greater extent. Spending weeks and months at their homes working, people realized the influence of their working environment on their productivity. Many of them would have never thought of including an office space during the construction of their homes. The urge for a pleasant office space made them renovate and furnish their office spaces productively like any other room, which they might have never considered before.

An office set up at home has become a vital necessity these days. Virtual classes for the kids, as well as office works for the elders, demand a serene and calm space where they could concentrate, feel motivated, and be productive. A perfect window treatment adds a lot to these office spaces as they serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Hence, if you are looking forward to setting up an innovative office space that reflects your personality and the nature of your work, adapting the curtain designs and styles from Curtains Dubai would be an effective process.

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1. Consider the Form and Function

If you are fond of a light-toned and spacious home office space, with the walls, furniture, and floor space synced with each other with a light tone, but want to incorporate at least a little colour or pattern, that adds a design to the space, use your window treatment and floor rug to do the job.

Bringing a pattern at a window drapery is the wisest move as they can be drawn or raised during the day thus eliminating the distracting impact while you’re working. But at night, it will dress the room with its patterns and make it feel cosy! Geometric print roller blinds are on-trend as a simple pattern adds texture and interest to a space.

2. Need a Vintage Style with Richness Added?

If you are in love with a home office with a traditional feel, why don’t opt for a dark wood shutter? It would be one of the best choices for a library space at your home. Imagine reading a Shakespeare novel sitting in a rocking chair in your vintage room space where the dawn sunlight peeps to your room through the window shutter. Pure bliss!

Wooden Venetian blinds will make your room much beautiful than your older one. Style the room with complimentary rich wood furniture and a copper or wooden table lamp and wooden flooring to complete the vintage look.

3. Incorporate a Subtle Pattern into your Space

Opting for a light-shaded blind with a precise pattern is an ideal way to satiate concentration and interest when working in a small home office. A grey or beige toned blind with a similar shade minimal pattern on it can fulfil the needs without compromising the minimalist and distraction-free feel that many of us crave while working.

If your home office is tucked in a small corner, a minimalist design with a white shade (it makes the room look more spacious), with just black or black and white minimal patterns to break the monochrome is a key design in creating an office space that is short on square footage. Add a simple silver shaded seating to the room. It adds to the appeal.

4. For a builder: A blind that adds to the Landscape

A gorgeous roller blind which has a design of the landscape of a city or town or a collection of building in the minimalist colour pattern, as of an AutoCAD drawing is something the most a civil engineer or architect can ask for. Imagine you are being swamped by your works and are exhausted and looking at your curtains, you feel motivated and resumes your work.

A landscape blind would be the greatest addition to a home office space for a civil engineer. Not only it meets the minimalist look but add a serene view to the outside.

Not just buildings, a Chalk roller blind can have a collection of intricate patterned and light-toned blinds that can add interest to a home office space with a simple scheme and can meet the desires of any workaholic. Whatever your job be, whatever design you need, Curtains Dubai is efficient in incorporating your favourite design and patterns to our blinds so that it becomes a reflection of your job as well as your personality.

5. A Glider Curtain for Drama

Do you need a dramatic luxury finish to your home office space to make it feel like a Hogwart library or a palace library filled with richness? Add a golden finish to your room, including your window treatment.

A heavily patterned easy wave curtain along with some antique collections like the desk lamp, a chandelier and furniture in copper and gold blend with each other and make a gorgeous pick for your room if drama and luxury is your thing. You can even give a twist to your window treatment by adding a blind along with the curtain to add more spice. What if you can write another Harry Potter or Julius Caesar spending time in this room!

6. A Calm and Subtle Finish with Sleek Shutters

Need a calm and sophisticated room where you could think and innovate? A sleek white window shutter does the job by providing a stylish and sophisticated look for the room thereby offering privacy and light filtering options.

If for a traditional look, a narrow slat will do the job, while a wider slat offers a contemporary look. Make a smart and innovative office space with a white shutter, statement lighting and minimal and traditional furnishing.

7. Layered Curtain for a Light and Airy Finish

Create an uber-modern home office interior with soft layered curtains to complete the grandeur look. This look will let you dream and concentrate simultaneously. Think of a space where you could build up your aim and be a workaholic to achieve your target!

There is no better outcome than that. A light voile sheer curtain that floats in the air, along with a slightly polished and glossy surface, woollen furniture and nude and pastel painting go well with each other that it would create the best study space for a child. A kid would sit in a space like this very happily and energetically and do his homework with no hesitation.

These are a few of the many ideas that we could incorporate into our study area. When it comes to curtains designs and styles, they are limitless. Curtains Dubai gets updated with the trend and exhibits our designs accordingly. With a huge collection, we can satiate the desires of any of our clients taking their needs and preferences into consideration by sticking to their budget.

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