soundproof curtains

Abu Dhabi used to be peaceful and quiet not too long ago, but then Fast and Furious happened,
and suddenly everybody fell in love with this city. After thrillingly watching cars smash across
Etihad Towers along with the grand magnificence of Emirates Palace, everybody around the
world wants to live in Abu Dhabi. You might be needing some new Abu Dhabi curtains,
especially if you are “Lucky” to be near Yas Island where all the powerful formula one races,
and booming concerts are held nearly every month. Or your apartment is right in the middle of
downtown Abu Dhabi where all the traffic noise is. A little bit of soundproofing using curtains is
the most cost-effective idea. So how do you choose curtains to achieve this?

When you buy regular curtains, you might go for the exact size of your windows. However, in
this case, you need to get one that is at least eight inches longer than the window. Longer
curtains that cover more areas around your window are better at absorbing noise, especially in
large spaces like living rooms, or master bedrooms.

The material for these curtains determines how much sound is absorbed. Some materials work
better than others. You should contact your curtain supplier to ask them which ones will work
most effectively. You need to look for those that contain the most fibres. These can be velvet or
vinyl. Some materials might be labelled as insulated, which are also very efficient.

Curtains will not block noise entirely. They reduce it to softer background noise which is easier
to ignore. They reduce sounds by approximately twenty percent. The heavier the curtain is, the
more it traps sound energy. When you are shopping for your Abu Dhabi curtains, ask your
supplier for the denser ones with a lot of fibres. These are the best to trap low-frequency
sounds that travel far. If the noise from outside is still too loud, you can add another two or
three layers to the curtains and make them weightier.

You would want curtains to match the rest of your furniture and interior design. There are
many colours and patterns of curtains available. It does not matter which colour you pick
because that doesn’t influence how much sound energy it’s going to block. Any colour will work
so you can creatively buy all your favourite ones for each room.

Some curtains might not be washable, which leaves them very dirty and ruins their beauty over
time. They might also start to smell if they are not cleaned. When you are buying the curtains,
check if the label or your supplier mentions that they are washable. Then there should be no
problems to use a damp cloth to clean them gently. Otherwise, you could use a vacuum cleaner
and try to get most of the dust and lint off them regularly before they settle deep into the

You need to check if your curtain rod can hold these heavy curtains without breaking. You can
also use double rods to support all the weight if necessary. This will also add an extra layer to
limit noise from outside.

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