curtain energy

Many residents wonder whether curtains in Dubai can save energy because to save money
during the harsh summer months. These curtains can serve a dual purpose by retaining heat
during the colder months, and repelling heat when the temperatures are scorching between
June to October. You can also control how much sunlight enters so that rooms stay fresh for as
long as possible. That way, you can use a small fan indoors rather than switching on the air
conditioner all the time.
Energy-efficient curtains usually have a lining attached on the back, which resembles a sponge-
like material. This makes the curtains heavier to block all the Dubai summer heat and sun from
entering. These Dubai curtains are mounted very close to the window so that less air can
escape around the edges. Curtains with light colours are the most effective when it comes to
reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing heat. You should always keep them closed during the
day when so that your rooms feel comfortable without using the AC. A white curtain can even
deflect heat by approximately thirty percent.
Even during the winter months, leaving the curtains open during the day to allow natural light
can warm up the house without a heater. Keep them closed at night so that the warm air stays
inside for several hours. The best place to hang energy-efficient curtains is close to the ceiling.
This will prevent cold air from escaping. You can also use a magnetic tape along the curtains to
seal them properly against the wall. Attach a length of tape to the wall and another to the
curtain’s outer edge. Press the curtains and wall tapes together, so that this can form an airtight
Floor-length curtains will also limit the flow of hot air from entering or leaving your rooms.
Depending on which side your windows face and how sunny it is outside, you can hang two
curtains over a window to create a tighter air space. This is more effective than just using one
set of curtains. Then you can switch on the air conditioning for a little bit and turn it off again.
The cold air will circulate naturally through the house without escaping from your windows.
You should also ensure that your windows are correctly closed for this to work. If your window
has any leaks or gaps from old caulking, it defeats the purpose of using energy-efficient
curtains. Seal the windows by removing the old caulking and replacing it with a new one. You
can purchase an easy-to-use caulking gun from a hardware store if you do not already have
one. If it is cold outside or very windy, the fresh caulk will also prevent any draft coming from
the windows.

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