past curtains

Curtains – Colourful, flowy pieces of fabric that adorn our windows. When they are pulled back, you get to see your street, the trees and the many people who go on their different ways. And when they are shut, you are in your own world of comfort and safety.

Window curtains have been in use since ancient times and they are still very much part of our homes. In the early ages, before textiles were even invented, people used animal hides for warmth and privacy. These were usually suspended from doorways or any openings in their homes acting as barriers and boundaries of personal space.

The ancient civilization of Egypt were the first known people to use curtains from early 3100 BC to the 3rd century BC. The animal hide curtains in the early ages gave away to spun textiles from flax and linen, closely followed by wool, silk, and cotton.  These fabrics were specifically used to combat the cold as blankets, bed hangings and yes, curtains.

Around the 6th and 7th centuries BC, the Olynthus Civilization in modern Greece and Pompeii and Herculaneum civilizations in modern Italy were also known to have used curtains as panels to divide rooms.

The early and middle ages from 6th to 12th-century homes do not have much proof of having curtains. But we can make a safe assumption that heavy fabrics were used to cover windows and drafts to keep away the cold, which in turn stopped light from entering the houses.

But the 13th century saw the emergence of glass making in Italy paving the way to glass paned windows in European households in the 14th century. This essentially transformed curtains into shields for privacy with the start of the renaissance period. These fabric panels used for these had intricate, beautiful designs, giving importance to the aesthetic beauty of drapes.

The 18th and 19th centuries aw many advancements in textiles and weavings in the eastern countries of Persia, India, and China, who excelled at weaving silks in beautiful patterns. The mid-1800s saw the development of machinery propelled textiles making way for mass production of fabrics. The most popular window drapes like lace curtains were a symbol of social status during that era. The more complex and intricate our window curtain is, the richer you are!

However, by the turn of the 20th century, people shifted their attention to cheaper, more durable synthetic fabrics for their window curtains. From there, curtains showed varieties in the material and prints fueled by development in science and technology.

Today, curtains are about style as much as they are about functionality. They are very much part of your household aesthetic as they had been throughout the years. With the invention of blinds, people started favoring a mix of curtains and blinds to ensure style, comfort, and privacy.

Today, curtains play a number of roles in your average household. They effectively control the light and air, they provide insulation against outside weather, they offer privacy and best of all, they are the trend and mood setter in your household!

There is a multitude of designs and fabrics to choose from for your window curtains here in Dubai. All you need to know is where to look for!


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