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Curtains are an integral part of home decor, which serves a practical purpose as well as gives a visual flair to your rooms. Choosing the right material and color of your window curtain that goes well with your wall paint and furniture is very important. So is getting the right curtain rods and other accessories. A curtain isn’t just a piece of cloth hung from a pole – it is a complete unit with the cloth, the right kind of rod, the curtain rings, and window holdbacks.

There are a number of varieties in curtain rods from which you can choose. Curtain rods also come with decorative and practical elements in various colors and materials. Selecting the curtain rod depends on a number of factors like the type, size, and weight of the curtains that need to be hung. Traditionally, curtains are hung on rods that extend 2-3 inches beyond the window frame letting the curtains partially cover the window in its free state. For decorative purposes like giving your room a wider look, roads extending 10-15 inches beyond the frames are also used. Normally, the rods are fixed 6 inches above the frame. The length of the rods is determined after measuring the window frames and understanding the decorative needs of the owner.

Rods come in different materials like wood metal and plastic and can be chosen according to your requirement. Let us check out the different types of curtain rods –

Wooden rods
Wooden rods are the classic kind of rods that have been in use for a long time. They add a certain class and character to your rooms and make it stylish. Wooden rods can also be customized with your own designs so as to make it more suitable for your rooms. They are eco-friendly and easy to install. Wooden rods can easily support heavy curtains as they are made of solid wood and not hollow.

Extendable Metallic rods
As the name suggests, these types of rods can be adjusted according to the size of the window. The same rod can be used for different windows if needed and are perfect for you if you frequently change your curtains. They are quite durable and strong and does not need replacement often.

Motorized curtain rods
The motorized curtain rods redefine the style statement of your home or office. They are quite useful if you have large windows requiring effort to pull away from the curtains.
Curtains also have other accessories that are used to hold it in place on the rods. These are the curtain rings, holdbacks, wall brackets, and add-on rods.

The window holdbacks are usually mounted on the wall or the window frame and can help to neatly tuck back the curtains. They also serve as a decorative element for the window. The holdbacks can also be made of wood or metal, depending upon the requirement. Wooden holdbacks are usually carved in the shape of a round knob or animal heads while metallic once is often seen designed in the shape of leaves.

Curtain rings are used along with the rods to hang the curtain. The rings help in opening and closing the curtains as they are movable across the rods.

The curtain bracket is the most important curtain hardware as it is used to fix the rods to the wall. They are quite strong as they essentially support both the rod and the curtain to the wall or ceiling. The curtain bracket is also selected depending on the type, size, and weight of the curtain you have chosen and the rod on which it is hung.

Contact your curtain installation company in Dubai to see all your options on curtains and accessories and choose the right one for your home or office space.



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