Blackout curtains are a trendy choice in Dubai because they block the unbearable summer heat from entering your home. When your home stays cooler on the inside, your chiller fees will be less since you won’t have to keep the air conditioning on at full blast all the time. They can effectively block a lot of sunlight so you can sleep-in on the weekends or have a refreshing nap in the afternoons. These Dubai curtains aren’t necessarily black, and you can buy them in different fabrics, prints, and colours to complement your interior furnishings.

Protecting Your Home
Blackout curtains cut energy costs significantly, and your DEWA bill could start becoming cheaper, which is the ultimate dream. They also provide efficient light control so you can prevent excess sunlight and UV rays from entering. They also protect all your floors and furniture from the sun and heat damage, which causes everything to start fading. These multi-purpose Dubai curtains are ideal for the climate in this city, and they are exceptionally long-lasting and durable.

Variety of Colours
You do not have to buy these curtains in black or dark colours, especially if you want a light colour so that the inside of your home does not appear gloomy. Blackout curtains are a heavy fabric because of their light-blocking abilities, but they do come in white, and other lighter colours. There are many choices you can pick to suit the interior of each room. A dark colour is ideal if you have a media room or home cinema. Then you can genuinely get an exciting Vox Cinemas experience in the dark. Otherwise, light colours will look better, especially in children’s rooms.

Making Blackout Curtains
If you are on a tight budget and want to hold off on buying new curtains for a little while, you can use blackout liners to darken your existing curtains. Clip those liners on the curtain you have hanging on either a single or double rod. If blackout liners don’t look appealing, especially from the outside, you should place white liners over your curtains instead.

Installing Blackout Curtains
These curtains are installed in the same manner as any other kind. Measuring a couple of inches past the window frame on all sides will give you more darkening qualities, to block most of the light coming from outside. If you do not have curtains but want these blackout qualities on blinds and shades, there is a blackout fabric that you can use. It’s challenging to do this yourself without a specialist if you have never worked with curtains and blinds before. Make sure to schedule a consultation before placing an order so that you can find out which option is best for your home, and how to get the right measurements.

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