Buying Curtains is a necessity because there is an abundance of sunlight in Dubai throughout the year. Without curtains, your home might feel hotter than the desert, and we all know how unbearable the Dubai summer heat can be. When you’re ready to buy new curtains to avoid getting unnecessary tan lines while sitting in the living room, here are some simple steps on how to get accurate measurements before placing an order for your Dubai curtains.

Measure the Curtain Width

The first step is to measure the track or pole width where the curtain will hang from, and not the width of the window. This measurement is essential because it helps suppliers calculate how much fabric they need to make the curtains for you. Once the design is ready, it is very challenging to re-do the measurements without starting from scratch, which can become costly. That is why you should pay close attention to the width of the pole and not confuse it with the window. If you are placing a new pole, this should be approximately 15 or 20 centimetres on each side of your window.

If you’re measuring the poles of the curtain, make sure you only measure the width and not the entire length which includes the end caps. The curtain will only cover the centre of the pole, and you don’t want a bunched-up curtain that elongates past the finials. Otherwise, it won’t hang properly. Do the same for the width of the track. If your track overlaps in the centre, measure both the widths of the track and overlap, then add both numbers together and let your supplier know the final figure you get.

Measure the Curtain Drop

Do you need a curtain that hangs down to the floor or stay at sill length? The ideal measurements for curtains should be 1.5 centimetres above the floor, 20 centimetres below the sill, or 1.5 centimetres above the ledge. The measurement point should start from the underside of the pole rings that your curtain will hang from. If you want these rings to be covered instead, then start measuring from the top of the rings. For long curtains, it’s necessary to leave a gap at the bottom, so they don’t drag and leave a mark on your floor.

Measure Any Tiebacks

Tiebacks are ropes that are used to hold the curtain back if you want to let some sunlight in. To measure these, you have to wrap a measuring tape around the curtains as though you are tying them up. Then adjust the tape until the curtain loosens without being folded or bunched. This is the length of your tieback.

Measuring for curtains is tricky for new buyers. If you are unsure about measurements, contact a professional who really knows their stuff when it comes to Dubai curtains. Then you’ll never go wrong and will have a beautiful-looking window in no time.

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