sheer curtains

Home decor is something a lot of people love and enjoy. They make careful considerations when it comes to finding the right furniture, wall paints, and little trinkets to make the room feel home. One of the things that add beauty to your rooms is having curtains for your windows.
So what kind of curtain should you go for? One type of curtain with which you can never go wrong is sheer curtains. Nothing makes your rooms look bright like sheer curtains do. Sheers allow the interior designs to stand out greatly, creating dramatic and stunning effects.

The choice of fabric you get for your curtains set the mood for that space. Adding a mix of sheer curtains is sure to bring some pleasant light filtering or a bit of fun into your rooms. Sheer curtains in white and beige can easily let the morning sun come into your home. They give you enough privacy without completely blocking the light.

Usually, sheer curtains are used in addition to darker curtains. Most home decorators use sheers as an extra decorative flair used to soften the features of a room and create a relaxing atmosphere. They are also relatively cheaper than other curtains allowing you to decorate your room without breaking your budget.

As sheer curtains allow sunlight inside, it is a perfect choice for your rooms where you grow indoor plants. Plants, the weather kept inside or out needs sunlight once in a while to stay green and healthy. As sheer curtains also allow privacy to the people inside the room without blocking the view outside, they are the best way to enjoy a good view without being disturbed.

Another reason why sheer curtains are so popular with decorators is that of its versatility. There are some wonderful patterns in sheer curtains that can be broadly classified into three. These are-

Plain sheer curtains
These are the simple and most economical drapes that can match with any of the color schemes of your interiors. They come in many colors and shades and you can pick the one that suits your room the best. You can even mix and match them to create contemporary looks for your home.

Lace sheer curtains
Lace sheer curtains are quite fancy and provide elegance to your interiors. Choosing a lace curtain that goes beyond the window sill and falling to the floor will give your window an elongated look. Often sheer lace curtains are used as an inner drape for French widows in Victorian households.

Printed sheer curtains
Printed sheer curtains in polyester can give your home a trendy look. They often come with added features like sequins or beads, embroidery patterns and even in neon colors.

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