cleaning curtains

Curtains are one of the home decor accessories which has practical uses as well as an aesthetic value. A curtain speaks a lot about the home and its dwellers. They are the key players in setting the mood and ambiance of a room. Curtains are not just to cover your windows, but they also protect your privacy and keep out the sunlight whenever necessary.
Considering the importance of curtains, properly maintaining it must also be a top priority.

Even if your curtains are expensive and made of high-quality fabrics, it can look awkward and shabby if not maintained properly. Sniffing your curtains once a week will help you notice any kind of stale or damp smell, indicating the need to get it cleaned. Spraying an air cleaner on the curtains will help keep the curtains smelling fresh.

For keeping your drapes clean and dry, follow these tips-

Most of the time, curtains accumulate a lot of dust, especially in the summer seasons. Dusting your drapes regularly will help to keep away dust and dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains using the upholstery attachment. Never vacuum curtains made of delicate material as it could get damaged in the process. Gently brush or give a good shake to dislodge dust from such curtains.

Delicate Fabrics
It is better to hand wash delicate fabrics used for sheer curtains as machine wash could damage the material. Alternatively, you can clean the sheer curtains in a washing machine after putting it in a sealed mesh bag to protect it from possible damages.

Hand wash
Although hand washing your curtains is quite difficult, it can effectively wash away all the dirt without damaging the material. Use the bathtub to wash the curtains it will give enough space. Use a gentle detergent which doesn’t contain any bleaching agents and wash it off with cold water. While washing, squeeze the curtains without too much pressure. Hand washing will leave creases on your curtain, which can be straightened out using an iron. Leave the curtains slightly damp so that ironing them will straighten out the creases.

Machine Washing
If the label on your drapes says they can be machine washed, then opt for one. Washing in a machine could easily ruin the material, so wash only if the material of the curtain is durable. Use a gentle and use cold water for washing, just like in the case of hand wash.

Steam Cleaning
A good quality steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can be used to clean heavy material curtains which are particularly difficult to handle by taking down from the rail. When using a steam cleaner, work from the top all the way down to the bottom. If you feel that the material is getting wet, hot the steamer away from the curtain.

Dry Cleaners
Some materials can neither be machine washed or hand washed. In any case, the labels will have instructions to dry clean the said material. Choose a professional dry cleaner who can work with the material and get the curtains cleaned.
Keep your windows clad with beautiful curtains and your house looking great always!


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