Blackout curtain

Blackout curtains are the perfect solution to block out the sun during the long Dubai summers. Whether you are looking for blackout curtains for a bedroom or office or where ever you need to block the light, you still want them to look great and suit its surroundings. Blackout curtains come in a number of colors, fabrics, and prints.

The truth about blackout curtains

The blackout curtains that we find in the market are typically dark colored. But as the demand for light colored blackout curtains has gone up, now we have lighter shades of blackout curtains, including white ones.

Dark colored blackout curtains might not go well with every interior decor and hence the need for lighter shades. The lighter blackout curtains give better appeal to the windows when viewed from the outside. Not only are there lighter or white blackout curtains, but now we even have them in many shades, styles, and headings.

The fabrics used for blackout curtains have improved over the years. Today you get softer, less static prone fabrics that can block 100 percent of the outside light. The blackout curtains are quite commonly used in rooms like nurseries, bedrooms and media rooms.

Blackout curtains effectively protect your furniture from fading and sun damages like wood splits reducing your overall expenses. Make sure to use blackout curtains in all the rooms that get the most sunlight where you want no light and head penetration.

Although the blackout curtains are costlier than non-blackout materials, their uses are irreplaceable. By preventing premature fading of your home furniture, they are in fact saving you money.

Create your own blackout curtains

If you already have curtains for your rooms, but wishes to change them to blackout ones, you can easily do this by adding a layer of blackout liners to your existing curtains. You can also clip an extra rod to your existing curtain rod to get a double rod and add the blackout liner on them.

Installing your blackout curtains

To get the best room darkening qualities, measure a few inches above the window frame to fix the rods. Make sure you also extend a few inches towards the sides too, to make sure your curtains will cover the window perfectly and block out the light. Wraparound rods, which bring the curtains all the way to the wall is another great way to make sure that most of the light is blocked out of the room. Motorized curtains with drapery tracks are another great option to hang your blackout curtains.

So, block out the sun from your home this summer in Dubai with blackout curtains.


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