As an interior decorator will tell you, window curtains set the mood and attitude of the room when chosen correctly. However, with a lot of varieties in colour, material, and types, it is easy to feel confused as to what curtains goes well in your room. So here are some style suggestions to narrow down your options and select the right window curtains for your home.


Choosing the colour and fabric


When choosing a curtain, the fabric is an important consideration as it will essentially dictate how well your curtains will function and hold over time. Heavy curtains are difficult to fold when drawn while light ones may not fall fell when closed. So find a material that has can fall well when pleated, without losing its folds. Fabrics like linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet give the best drape and fall, of which faux silk is the most durable.

Other widely used fabrics are suede, tapestry or tweed, which are quite heavy and can block the light while keeping the heat in. Sometimes, designers suggest interlining the curtains, which is a piece of fabric slipped between the lining and face fabric. Curtain made in such a way has a longer life.

While choosing the colour of your fabric, it is also essential to check the amount of sunlight a particular room gets in your home. Sunlight can fade fabrics over time. If you are finding window curtains for a room which receives a lot of sunlight, avoid dark colours as it could easily fade in time. Neutral colours are a good option for such rooms s they will fae slower as well as blend well into the room’s natural decor.


The perfect length and width


When measuring your window prior to getting the curtains, make sure to decide how high up you need the curtains to be. Decorators suggest that the curtains must hang at least 6 inches above the window to give an increased sense of height to the room.  Start measuring from the top of the window and add the extra inches you want the curtain to hang from.

traditional curtains are usually left to puddle on the floor while a modern look required to have the curtain panel fall flush on the floor.

Similar to adding a few inches above the window, add  4 to 8 inches towards the sides for full coverage of the windows while measuring for curtains.


Hand/machine wash VS dry clean only


When buying window curtains, be mindful of their maintenance also. You can choose hand or machine wash materials or dry cleaning material depending upon your needs, efforts, and budget. High-quality materials might get damaged if not properly taken care off.


In store or custom made curtains


You can either buy window curtains which are already available in the store or ask for a tailor-made one. The custom made curtains will be sure to suit your needs but are quite costly during the initial buy.


So these are some of the important tips for choosing the perfect window curtains for your home. For finding the right curtains for your home, contact our professional curtain makers in Dubai today!


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