Studio curtains

Are curtains just for your windows? Definitely not!


Curtains in Dubai houses have been part of home interiors for centuries. In the earlier days, they were primarily used for protection from the harsh climatic changes and to provide boundaries in living spaces. As we evolved and our lifestyles evolved, curtains evolved too.


Curtains are used creatively by interior designers in Dubai. They still follow their traditional job of covering the windows. But nowadays they are used for much more than that. For example, curtains are an integral part of studio apartments in creating an illusion of bigger living space. Let us find out how –


Getting more out of the square feet


Curtains can easily act as partitions for a small apartment. When strategically placed, they can create separate spaces for living, dining and your bed space. Curtains that come down from ceiling to floor will effectively part the room into different sections.


Easy closets and storage


Having a large storage closet in your already small apartment will make it appear smaller than it actually is. While shelves and racks are efficient in keeping your things organized, they can cause visual clutter in your studio. The best way to avoid this is to use curtains to cover your storage spaces to create cleaner lines inside your room. They can also efficiently cover up extra storage spaces.


Create multiple zones in a single room


You can create multiple zones by dividing your room into different nooks and dedicated spaces. Curtains have the flexibility to divide spaces without taking up extra space, unlike solid dividers.


Create doorways


Curtains can also act as doorways. You can create doorways to different parts of your studio apartment using curtains. Just like using them to create closed spaces, use ceiling to floor drapes to create the effect of a doorway.


Bed canopies


Canopy beds can be very expensive to own. Further, beds with frames can take look bulky and unsuitable in your small apartment. But you can easily create a canopy for your bed by hanging curtains from the ceiling above your bed and letting it fall over. This will create a pretty canopy look as well as provide privacy for your bed. Sheer curtains are best suited for making bed canopies.


Use light coloured curtains


Just like light coloured walls, light coloured curtains make your room look larger than it actually is. Light coloured patterned curtains can create a fun and funky look while plain cotton curtains create a minimalistic look. You can even experiment with lace or embroidered curtains to divide and decorate your apartment.


Blackout curtains for windows


Use light coloured blackout windows to keep the light out during the mornings. Blackout curtains allow you to get a shut eye during the daytime. Since your apartment is a single room setup, having blackout curtains will help you turn your living room into a bedroom at any given time.


You can now get the right kind of curtains in Dubai to put all your DIY ideas into effect. Visit us today!

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