Curtain in Dubai

Curtains are essential items in completing your home decor. Not only curtains are important decorative items, but they are also functional. Curtains can help control the light, provide privacy, give warmth and shade, and add style to your room.

After purchasing the right type of curtains, the next step that you’ll have to do is to learn how to hang curtains. Learn the different dos and don’ts in hanging curtains by reading through this blog. Maximize the benefits of your curtains and make the best out of your window treatments.

Any room can instantly look stylish with carefully selected, expertly hung curtains. When done right, your ceiling can appear higher, making your overall space look larger. Below are the dos and don’ts in hanging curtains:

The Dos in hanging curtains:

DO use enough fabric.

Curtains look the best when they’re looking full. If you plan to keep your curtains open at most times, the fabric you need to use should be roughly between 2 and 2.5 times the width of your window.

DO hang your curtains high.

The higher the curtain rod is, the taller the window will appear. It’s best to place and fix the curtain rod closer to the ceiling rather than at the top of your window. Always remember that the curtain rods should sit at least 4-6 inches above the window frame.

DO select the appropriate type of fabric.

You need to choose the best type of fabric that suits both the style and function of the room. Lightweight fabrics make the room look casual and is best for filtering light, while thicker fabrics can make your room more formal and it can provide more privacy. If your windows are enclosed especially due to the cold, then try heavy velvet curtains. At the same time, linen works best for a breezier feel during the summer.

DO use a simple template.

A simple template ensures you hang the curtain rod at the same height for every window, and that your rods won’t be crooked. Templates can be made from pieces of cardboard that can be used to measure the corner of the windows.

The Don’ts in hanging curtains:

DON’T go too narrow.

Always remember to select a curtain rod that is wider than your window’s width. This will allow enough space for the panels to hang on either side of your window. It will also force the panels to cover the window and make the window appear larger than it really is. Ideally, you should go for an 8″-12″ width that is wider than your window.

DON’T go too short.

The curtain fabric typically should fall on the floor. You can also opt for puddling which can give off a romantic feel, however, this can make your curtains dirty when it touches the floor. It’s good to go for a little under an inch for the length.

Hanging your curtains can be tricky and a tedious task, so it’s also best to hire professionals in installing your curtains in Dubai. That way, you can further maximise the benefits of getting stylish curtains!

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