Buying Blackout Curtains

If you are looking to limit the amount of light entering your bedroom or media room, blackout curtains are great choices. But blackout curtains are utilized for many other reasons apart from light control.

In this post, we highlight everything you need to know about blackout curtains and why they are good choices for room design as well as room light control.


Blackout Curtains Come in Different Shades
Because of the name “blackout curtains,” many people think that this type of curtains only come in black or darker shades. But this is far from the truth because blackout curtains come in different colors. So whether you are looking for rod pockets or even grommet tops, there’s a blackout curtain for that.


Blackout Curtains Are Not Drapes
While drapes perform the same functions as blackout curtains, the two are entirely different in terms of material composition. Blackout curtains are one layer of fabric with the room-darkening feature built into the fabric. This makes the fabric appear to be thicker than normal.

Drapes, on the other hand, has more than one layer and are usually heavier in weight and appearance than curtains. In case of drapes, the blackout feature isn’t built into a single layer of fabric, instead, the second layer of fabric with the blackout feature is weaved into the material, hence, making it thicker.


Blackout Curtains Provides Additional Layer of Protection
Sunlight and ultra-violet rays entering the house can damage furniture and floor coverings. By using blackout curtains, you will be limiting the amount of light entering the room, hence, protecting your valuable furniture items and floors from fading.

They are also very suitable for rooms that are mostly exposed to sunlight. Pulling the during very hot afternoons can provide shade in the room, making it possible to relax. You can also utilize blackout curtains in rooms where you want zero light penetration such as media rooms.


You Can Create a DIY Version At Home
Though in reality, the light blocking feature in blackout curtains are weaved into the layer of the fabric during the manufacturing process, you can create one at home by adding blackout liners to your curtains. You can do this by hanging the liners together with the curtain on a double rod or by clipping them onto the rod you are using for your curtains.

Looking to get the perfect blackout curtains for your room? You can visit our office to select from available assorted colors and patterns.

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