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What is the first image that comes into your mind when you think of home decors? If you are someone who is very keen on personalizing your space you would have thought long and hard about getting your favorite color for your walls and the right window curtains to complement them. The fun part of doing home decors is the flexibility to experiment. It’s your home and you have all the liberty to make it look any way you want it.
A home is not just a living space. It is a personification of your very being, where you are free from every question and judgment, where you de-stress and be your own sweet self. So take a little trouble to make it more ‘you’ by getting just the right type of interiors done.

The minimalist
For those of you who believe in minimal requirements, most home decors might seem a little too much. Still, the one thing you cannot say no to is curtains. Curtains are not just pieces of cloth used to clad your windows – they are an important aspect for keeping your home confined within the four walls. Curtains offer privacy when shut and the window to view the world when opened.
You can get a nice double layered cotton curtain for your windows that complement your walls.

Choose pastels if you wish to make the room seem large and airy or get a darker shade to give it an edgy look. You can try shorter curtains to just serve the purpose or opt for the floor length ones for maintaining an air of elegance. Even for the minimalist in you, curtains are a must haves.

The classic home
If you are a person who thinks that every room in your house has a personality of its own, you are all too welcome to choose from the varieties of curtains out there in the market. Your living room is the place where you spend most of your waking hours at home. You can go for a pleasant pastel to give the impression of style with comfort. Choose a polyester fabric curtain with patterns to get that flowy and easy going look for your living room space.
Try a darker tone floor length curtain for your bedrooms so that you can easily shut out the light and get enough privacy. You can even consider double curtains in your bedroom, with an inner sheer curtain to cover the windows in the morning, when you just want to lie in the bed and read. Mix and match the curtains for all the rooms in your home, just like your mom did for your childhood home.

Get the Boho vibes
Satisfy the artist in you by splashing your windows with colors and patterns. Bring out the life and vibrancy of your home by going for multicolor curtains for your rooms. You can experiment with colors, bold prints, and even the materials – whatever suits your style. Add tassels, beads or sequins to your curtains to set it apart from the rest of your furniture. Choose curtains that clash or blend with the surrounding, whichever way you want it to be.
Now find the perfect window curtains for your home here in Dubai and dress your home in colors and contours all the way through.


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