Gone are the days when window curtains were for purely practical purposes. These days, curtains are one of the highlighted the home decor accessory that sets the ambiance of the room and shows your personal statement.

Even when they are trendsetters, window curtains are meant to serve the purpose of sunlight protection and privacy. So, choosing the right fabric for your curtain will have to serve both purposes – satisfy the aesthetic appeal and be practical at the same time.

Before choosing the fabric, there are a set of things that you need to take into consideration. The curtain must match its surroundings in color, design, and choice of material. You must also decide whether you are using layers of curtains and drapes or using a single curtain with a lining.

So here are a few tips to choose the right material for your window curtains –


Block the sunlight

If your bedroom faces the west and gets a lot of the afternoon sunlight, your room will heat up and retain the temperature even when it’s time for you to hit the bed. In that case, it’s best to use natural materials like cotton or linen as they do not fade fast and has a longer life.

A cotton polyester blend is also useful in keeping out the sunlight and the heat. If you wish to completely block out the light, you can use 100 percent coated fabrics.



If you wish to keep your privacy without giving up the view outside, consider sheer fabric curtains. These curtains allow the sunlight to stream in and while giving you a view of the scenery outside. Sheer curtains are also easy to manage as they are lightweight and flowy.

You can also do layer, which is one of the much-favored trends in Dubai homes, where a sheer curtain is given under a heavier drape. The thicker drape will block the light, and pulling it back will let the sunlight in without compromising the privacy.



Curtains can add personality to your rooms. By bringing bright colors and patterns to your curtains will make your home vibrant and interesting. If you wish to give your home more of a dressy or victorian touch, silk, jacquard or velvet drapery are your best options.

Now let us take a look at the different type of fabrics available in the market and their best uses-

*Cotton can create versatile styles. It suits classic and contemporary styles. For better drape, use a lining.

*Silk is a very luxurious and sophisticated looking material. However, it’s difficult to maintain them perfectly. Choose silk as drapes for curtains that don’t need to be moved often, like a back curtain for your home decors rather than as window curtains.

*Linen is a natural fiber that creates the casual environment. It is a perfect choice to be used as sheer curtains.

*Velvet is one of the heaviest draping fabric available in the market. It has great light blocking and heat insulating properties. However, velvet can only provide a traditional look and cannot be used for creating a more modern look.

*Polyester is one of the most common choices as a window curtain material. It is durable, affordable and provides an airy casual ambiance.

*Voile is another lightweight material commonly used as sheer, allowing a lot of light to stream in without compromising on the privacy.

*Acrylic is a material close to wool in texture. They can be used for thicker drapes which provide good insulation and resistant to mold and moisture.

The final choice for your window curtain fabric depends entirely on you. You have the freedom to mix and match and experiment with colors and textures bringing your own style into your home.

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