How To Wash Curtains

We all do a spring clean in our house where we make sure that every corner of the house is spick and span. One of the most challenging to clean in the house are the curtains. Often, people even overlook including curtains for their cleaning checklist. It’s important to wash the curtains as they are accumulated of dust.

Cleaning curtains also require the knowledge of the right process. It can be tough to clean curtains as they are heavy fabrics with specific care, but once you get yourself acquainted with the cleaning procedures, then washing your curtains wouldn’t be such a huge task.

When you have beautiful curtains, it’s better to know how to maintain them. Many of the curtains come with washing guide and can be washed through different ways, depending on its style and state. For starters, take note of these cleaning tips to keep your curtains in tip-top condition:

With the use of a washing machine:

Not all curtains can be washed using a machine. If your curtains have accessories that might fall off easily, then it is more recommendable to hand wash those instead. Curtains with lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, are durable in a washing machine. Consider washing your curtains inside a laundry bag to prevent damage in the drum.

With hand wash:

If your curtains are made of delicate fabrics, hand wash is a more practical way to clean your curtains. Find the best powder that cleans well at low temperatures. When washing the curtains, it’s best to use the bath or a large sink to avoid missing an area

When drying your curtains:

Whether the curtains are washed with a machine or by using your own hands, it’s essential to dry them after to avoid getting your curtains a musty odor. It’s best to dry your curtains naturally but be careful on how long you dry them out. Direct sunlight may affect the colour and texture of the fabrics, so do not keep them under the sun for too long.

Clean curtains maintenance:

If your house is more prone to dust, then it’s best to clean your curtains at least once for every three months while going for a deep clean (it’s recommended to take them to professional cleaners) at least about twice a year. Over washing curtains can also do them harm, so opt for brushing or vacuuming them at least once a week. This will help in lifting the surface dust and give your curtains more freshness.

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