Curtain for a Small Bedroom

Not everyone enjoys the luxury offered by large bedrooms. It may be that some of the bedrooms in your house are small or you live in a city like Dubai where renting a spacious apartment is extremely expensive.

Although it is impossible to expand the room without breaking the walls, you can make the room appear to be larger using the right type of curtain.

In this post, we look at some of the things you can do with curtains to make your small room appear larger to the eyes:


Mount the Curtain to Maximize the Height and Width of the Room
When trying to make your room appear to be larger, the way you mount the curtain matters. Using rod-pocket or full-length pleated curtains that extend above the window will elongate the lines of your small bedroom.

On the other hand, shorter curtains, starting from the window level can make the room visually condensed. To further extend the visual width of the room, you can go for extra-wide curtains but be careful not to choose a material that is too heavy.


Choose Colors That Create an Illusion of a Larger Space
Apart from the height of the curtain, the color of the fabric is also very important with regards to the appearance of the room. Since the aim is to create an illusion of a larger space, blending curtain colors with rugs, items of furniture and walls will help blur the dividing lines in the room. To achieve this, go for lighter colors such as antique white, cream, and pastel colors.

When it comes to choosing fabric pattern and design, go for curtain materials with little repeat and textural details. For example, fabrics with horizontal stripes make a room seem wider while fabrics with vertical stripes can make the room adds to the height of the room. The one to go for depends on what you are trying to achieve.


Go for Simple Fabric Patterns
A small bedroom looks complicated already so go for curtain styles with a less complicated design. Also, avoid see-through curtains that reveal the shape of the windows as this shows the entire dimension of the room. As I stated earlier, extra-wide curtains will make the room appear to be larger in size.

Ideally, you should be going for board-mounted stationary curtains like the boxed-pleated heading types that come in floor-to-ceiling options. This kind of curtain makes the room to appear to be larger.


Avoid Heavy Furniture to Compliment the Simple Curtains
To make sure that your efforts pay off, the entire room design should be taken into consideration, from furnishing to lighting. Minor but pronounced touches can help to improve the visual appearance of your small bedroom. For example, pairing two armless chairs in front of an extended curtain panel instead of a standard-sized sofa can help economize space.

In addition, go for table lamps or floor lamps instead of the standard overhead lights to avoid decreasing the ceiling.

These tricks and tips will help your room appear to be bigger, even without major structural changes. Sometimes, selecting the right combination of patterns, materials, and colors can be daunting, which is a major reason many people contact us to help them with it.

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