Moving your home can be a very stressful process. This is mostly because there are a lot of things to be sorted and packed and you might be absolutely clueless on how to do that! So, you do the next smartest thing – turn to the internet and do a quick search on ways to pack and unpack your stuff during a moving.

So, here is one of those “Do it yourself” blog to help you tackle the process of taking down your window curtains, packing it and re-installing at your new place in Dubai.

Prepare the boxes

Before you even think of taking down the window curtains, you need to first find the perfect boxes to move your curtains and it’s accessories. One way to do this is to make your own boxes. Custom boxes for your curtains have the advantage of big enough to carry your curtains without folding them.

Long boxes help maintain the pleats and panels of the curtains throughout the moving and unpacking processes. You can also use long boxes for the curtain rods and bind them with duct tape before boxing them. You can put the screws and small parts into a plastic bag and tighten them with duct tapes for extra security.


Taking down the drapes

Before taking down your curtains, dust them well to remove all the dust and dirt on them. Spray a bit of air freshener on them before boxing them. Unscrew all parts of the curtain, putting the cloth, rod, and screws separately. Check for screws hidden inside the drapery tracks and remove everything carefully. Now your curtains are ready to be boxed.

However, if you have motorized curtains, it’s better to call the professional contractor to take the window curtains off.


Moving the drapes

After removing the drapes, check if it needs better cleaning. If it needs one, consider getting it dry cleaned. You can also opt for a deep dusting using a vacuum cleaner. While packing, it’s good to place a few moth balls inside the boxes, especially if you plan to keep the boxes packed for long.

Unpacking and reinstalling

Once you have safely moved your window curtains to your new location, you can finally unbox and reinstall them again. Measure the windows to make sure that they are similar to the measurements of your old windows. If not, consider making alterations to your existing curtains to suit the new location.

Putting up the curtain can be a bit more struggle than taking them down. Mark the position of rods carefully and make sure your rod is aligned perfectly before screwing it in. Check the manual to make sure all the parts are put in correctly. Carefully pull the curtain back into its holster and crew in the stoppers. Voila! Your window curtains are now back on in its new home.

If you find the reinstalling troublesome, don’t worry! You can call a professional to install your window curtains in place.

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