Window Curtains.


Pieces of fabric that adorn your windows.


Curtains are an integral part of your home interior which help in setting the mood for your rooms. Whether you believe it or not, the curtains you have at your home reflect your personality – minimalist, trendy, classy or bohemian!


Although good quality window curtains can last for a long time, people tend to change them once in a while to buy new ones. Either when you renovate or upgrade your home or when you move houses, old curtains are usually left in the basement or sent out with the garbage. Both of these are not really worth the initial cost you spent on them.


So here are a few ideas on how to recycle and repurpose your old window curtains –


Table runner


Curtains are long panels of fabric which can be cut and sewed together to make many useful things required for your home. One of the easiest and best uses of old curtains are using them as table runners.


There are so many holiday seasons and occasions where your upcycled table runners can be used perfectly. The curtain fabrics are usually the perfect thickness to be used as table runners. Printed, embroidered or embossed are the perfect choice for table runners.


DIY Shopping Bags


There are many videos and instruction blogs to make your own shopping bags out of old fabrics. Old window curtains are just the best choice for making shopping carry bags. Most drapery fabrics are of the right thickness for shopping bags. You can cut, stitch and reinforce them to make a beach tote or a large purse.


Bed canopy


Canopy beds have a charm about them which still make them a much-prefered addition to your bedroom. But most of the canopy beds are a bit on the expensive side. So, instead of buying one, why not make one? You can easily make a canopy bed with your old sheer curtains by attaching them to the ceiling with a rod and letting it fall over and cover your bed.


Closet doors


Window curtains can be repurposed as doors for your closets or storage spaces without doors. You can simply hang them on top of your closet doorway using curtain rods. By adding some burlap strips or ribbons you can easily tie them away from the doors when needed.


Handmade cushion covers


Your panelled window curtains are a great choice for handmade throw cushion covers for your bed or sofa. They are sure to add a bit of colour and comfort to your bedroom or living room. You can use all your old curtains for this purpose so that you have different covers for your pillows that go with different bedspreads or living room curtains.


Room Dividers


Buying room dividers can be quite expensive. You can easily save some money by turning your old curtains into room dividers. Attach a curtain rod to the ceiling to hang curtains from the ceiling. Curtain room dividers can easily separate space and give privacy without the need to buy or build a solid divider.


With your old window curtains put to different uses, maybe it’s time for you to buy new ones. Contact us for the latest window curtain fabrics and accessories available in Dubai.

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